Magister Ability

Now that I am ready to start HOL IV, I have a question about the Magister Ability. (BTW - Thanks for all your help with Celtic Doom.) Do I need to complete this task and gain this ability to complete the main storyline or any other quests? I am trying to play through all expansions with the same character and not acquire any special abilities.


  • I realize that if I don't complete this quest for Wizardz in the Shipbuilders' Union Hall I cannot get the final reward for completing all the Union Hall quests. What is that final reward that I would miss?

  • The rewards are the Shipbuilders' Guild Robe (AC 57, 3200 Enchant Value) and the Shipbuilders' Rod (Damage 590/740 enchanted with 50% Environment Magic,50% Attack Magic, 50% Protection Magic and Drains Mana).

  • Hi Cat! I can’t get the spirit to talk to me other than to say I don’t have the intellect to handle the ability. My intellect is 100 (can boost to 175). What do I need to get this ability?

  • I should add I talked to the Smith and have the Golden Chest.

  • You need Mind Magic of at least 135.

  • You are so awesome Cat!! Thank you!!

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