Fix squid tentacles

Also here, I would recommend fixing the hints for healing Pete: it's not clear you need to own a veterinary medicine book, especially when the dialogue box says you've already read it. Also, upon completing the quest, Tzar Moreh says "Let me give you this fine weapon" but then gives 5 wands of Tanatos' revenge, 4 potions of silver ale + 4 rasvim, and 30000 xp. Which is great, but not a weapon :P


  • He does say you need to know something about Veterinary Medicine but I added a hint about the book to his dialogue. I changed the wording from weapon to reward. Thanks.

  • Have the Veterinary book but I can't find the pliers. Have checked all towns, and buildings. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • Found the pliers.
  • Where exactly?
  • You can get them from Cfsdoc. He's in the Shipbuilders' Union.

  • Please could someone tell me where to find the veterinarian medicine book. Thanks

  • Liz sells it. Any bookstore sells it. You might have to camp out a bit though to get it.

  • Thanks Cat.

  • I have camped out for weeks but Liz still does not have book of Veterinary medicine. I am totally stuck.

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    It shows up 7 times out of 10. Try sleeping at an inn in another area. Zarb the Bookseller in Seversk also sells it.

  • Thanks Cat. I finally stumbled on it on some grass in the underwater kingdom.

  • > @Flossie said:
    > Thanks Cat. I finally stumbled on it on some grass in the underwater kingdom.

    Perfect! Also camped for weeks, couldn’t get it in shop. Then I tried to look in the grass as suggested, and almost immediately found it. I wish the bookshops took orders - like you could order a specific book and get it in 2-3 weeks time
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