Horde II Classic Version FAQ

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Key Pieces:
One you get from a Naga Warrior in the far mid north.

One you can get from a Garuda Warrior near her.

One you can get from a Queen Naga in the far mid east if you love Nagas,

One is dropped by a Dead Naga in the mid west.

Even if you don't love Nagas, there's a Naga that gives you a keypiece for a quest and a Garuda that gives you a keypiece for a quest.

The Queen Naga gives you a keypiece if you love Nagas, which I guess you don't. : )

If you kill her she drops a keypiece, so it's a win win situation either way.

That's three key pieces.

The fourth is dropped by a Garuda Guard in the southeast.

This level has no breakable walls.

Layla is in Yasmine's Tower Room.

Adva is down in a basement in Surya Village.

Finding the four carpet pieces:
Look for a green bush in Oasis of Singing Trees.
Talk to Golden Djinn. Maybe he'll sell you one. Persuade greater than 65.
Step in the water near a sign.
Check out a red fern in the Oasis.

The Goddess Kali will give you gold for Love Points.

Killing the Dusty Demons: You need to go into the castle there and get the quest to remove them...then you can kill them.

To get the Acrobat Ability: "It's easy for a daring, young Moth to perform on the trapeze. For you, without the acrobatic ability, it would be impossible. Go see Jamie990, let him show you how to balance on a rope and then come back to me. I'll help you get the acrobatic ability." If Jamie990 says you're too weighed down, Drop everything on the shelf in his room, make sure you don't have anything on and talk to him again. His shelf has permanent storage.

Bundle of Mint-It is available in shops that sell miscellaneous items but you might have to sleep there for awhile to get it to turn up. Alchi the Nomad should sell it.

How to Get the Djinn Ability: That Djinn wants the Amulet of Distillation and 3 Distjilli plants.
You need the quest from the High Mage of Mage Reef to bring Ali Moustaf the Amulet of Distillation and 3 Distjilli plants. That's what you need to get Ali Moustaf to talk to you about the Djinn Ability.

The High Mage's quest is called Fetch for the Mage. His lost Amulet of Distillation is not far from where he is and it's easy to pick 3 Distjilli Plants in the Jilli Islands.

BUT--you get this quest from the High Mage ONLY IF you've done Fijgunn's quest called Desalination Plant Map. AND Fijgunn's quest to deliver the Desalination Plant Map. That map by the way shows you the location of the Distjilli flowers in the Jilli Islands.

So first go talk to Fijgunn the Engineer in Port of Mercy and do his 2 quests.

The Amulet of Distillation is not far from the owner's house on tall, red grass.

Al Qor the Blacksmith should sell Distorted Arrows.

Phredd sells the Sword of 1000 Names.

The Blue Garnet is on a shelf behind a crackable wall in the Temple of Durga. As you enter, take the passage to your right, walk down that and examine the walls on your right. When you see a gold arched wall with a large crack, hit it!

The Djinn Al Yazid is in the Tomb of Mustaf the Ifreet. You get there from the Cave of the Djinn. You get to the Cave of the Djinn by dropping down from a large, yellowish rock in Home of the Djinn. To capture Al Yazid, you need the Saber of Salmadan, which you can find in a poisonous pool in the Jasper Mines.

To get to him, you have to tap a candle as indicated.

Cloak of Illusion - Formius the tailor should have it but the spawn rate is low. Will require a lot of camping. Formius is in City of Al-Khamsin.

Consecrate the Carpet: Quartz Crystal you get from Ee'ol the Wind Spirit in Reefs of Sailors' Blood. He'll trade you one for a piece of Jaspar.
You can find Jaspar in the Jaspar Mines to the south of Ee'ol. If your crime is greater than 50, he'll tell you you aren't pure enough for the crystal. Go clear your crime by visiting a magic mirror in Skull-bones Fortress.

Blessing of the Mages is a potion. Try the shops. You need a really, really good shop.

To kill Bethlusaa's Spirit, you need to equip Michele's Diamond Sharp Blade.

Black Cactus Oil is on a plant near Michele's door.

Wall of Force in Yasmine's Tower room: Flip up all the switches if you started playing with them.
Then fact the wall of force. Flip the two switches that are east of you on---one is hidden behind a plant.

The switches to the west must be off. Don't touch them after you flipped all the switches up to turn them all off.

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