Mad dwarves castle 2nd floor

Totally stuck in the room with the pentagrams. What is the sequence?.


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    Argimon's hints: There are two tapestries at the entrance of the big room that give you some hints. Note that when Dwarves say "than" - they mean "then". One is for blue pentagrams and one for red.
    spoiler wrote:
    Blue pentagrams:
    north-western, south-western, east one.
    Red pentagrams:
    west one, south-eastern, north-eastern.
    After you solve this puzzle, pick up A Rock and hurry back to Cat..

    Hint I left in the Luko II thread: "Just my comment--to get my rock on the second floor, it seems you have to do the red and blue pentagrams in the order he tells you. He tells you a hint on the tapestries when you enter the second floor. But the secret is to enter all those pentagrams in that order but before you do that kill the Mole in the center of the room. He's standing on a spot you need to teleport back to to lift the force field after you step on all the pentagrams in the right order."

    If you need more help, come back.

  • Still haven’t done these in the correct order….seem to be going in circles…help needed ( I think)….thnx…

  • Done it….phew!

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