Disgraced knight

Hi all, where should I look to find the remains of the disgraced knight?

Tx so much in advance.



  • He's in the mid to south area of Bethlusaa's Lair beyond a red door.

  • Thaaaankkkssss :) are you the head of the game?
  • Apologies, but it seems I am blind. Mid to south means near the shop with the dragon? Maybe already opened the door, cannot find anything. Where do I have to go when I start at the shop?
    Thank you
  • Attaching a pic where he is. Yes, I'm the head of Zarista Games. He's in Bethlusaa's Lair. I'm not sure where you are.

  • What a great service from your side!
    Yes, there is the ghost, but where are his remains? As I need to find them to learn ghost speech. Sorry if I havent been precise enough.
  • I misunderstood you. My fault. Directly to the north of the Disgraced Knight, through the gate you can see in that pic, is a column of fire. Tap it.

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