Escape from Asteroids - Michele Laconto's Guide to Finding the Dark Lord and a few other Quests

Michele\'s Guide to the Tower of Dracon, The Crypt of Dracon, Drac Naga\'s Lair, Last Day\'s Hall, Finding Azura and The Dark Lord (Asteroids)

The title says it all!

You\'ll need the \'Dracon Sword\' from Sphinx67 in the Miner\'s Guild.
You need to get the key from Wizardz in the \'Miner\'s Guild\'.

The Tower is in the Sector 705 area. Enter the tower and head down into the crypt.

The Crypt of Dracon

You will need to eliminate \'dead eyes\', \'hungry virgins\'. One of the \'Hungry Virgins\' will drop \'Crypt Key 4\'.

If you walk down the middle row of the caskets, tap the second one on the right to find the \'Crypt Key 1\'. Find Moti behind the door in this area. You\'ll receive an item of \'Key\'.

Go in the teleport. This will take you to the first crypt.
Crypt 1- Tap the lantern on the east wall towards the north for Crypt Key 2\'. Go through the red door, use \'Crypt Key 1\' and step into the transport.

Crypt 2- You\'ll need to eliminate the \'Marquis of souls\' for \'Crypt Key 3\'. Open the door with \'Crypt Key 2\' and step into the teleport.

Crypt 3- There is nothing in this Room of importance. Use \'Crypt Key 3\' on the door and step into the teleport.

Crypt 4- In this room you\'ll find the \'Crypt Key 5\' in the fountain with blood. Use \'Crypt Key 4\', step into the teleport.
I wouldn\'t advise you to drink from the other fountains- the blue ones give you radiation poisoning and the green one will take a bunch of xp and leave you with 5 hp!

Crypt 5- Defeat the \'Baron of the Crypt\' and a couple other creatures here. With your weapon, hit the pillar closest to the teleport to find \'Crypt Key 6\'. Also in this room you\'ll find a \'Staff\' and 5 pieces of \'Draconite\'. Use \'Crypt Key 5\' and step into the teleport,

Crypt 6- is more of a hallway than a crypt. Use \'Crypt Key 6\'. Step into the teleport. You\'ll end up at the stairs where you started.

Tower of the Dracon

You\'ll need to be careful with your \'Keys\', you\'ll need to be sure you have one when you get to the door that Raizer is behind.

I haven\'t found enough keys for all of the doors. (some rooms have two doors leading to them).

There\'s not much in the first area. You\'ll need to eliminate the goblin \'Basher\' for the key. To open the door in this area, you need to solve the puzzle of 40 score. Tap the sign \'XL\' then \'XX\'. Tap the door to open it. Head north and go into the door to the east. In this area you\'ll need to eliminate \'Radiation Poisoning\'.
There\'s a key on the floor in this room along the wall to the east. There\'s also \'Goblin Ale\' that you\'ll find by walking over a fern in the northwest corner.
(You\'ll need this for Raizer later).
*Watch out for the hole in the floor. (You\'ll end up in the crypt below of you fall in).
Go out of the room and head south down the hall to the next door.

\'Turn back or face the consequences\'

In this area you\'ll need to eliminate \'Red Molemen\', \'Cleavers\', and \'Radiation Poisoning\'.

In the area to the north, don\'t step on the grass, it will warp you back to the hall you entered from. Make your way over to the pile of skulls and tap it. \"You hear a magical sound and a switch appears somewhere\".

Go back to the room with the hole in the floor, find the button on the wall in the southeast corner and press it. This will allow us to pass through the next area.

Now head back to the area with the sign to turn back. This time head to the south. Follow it around to the east then search through all of the vases in the area. There\'s some gold ore, draconite ore and a couple of \'skeleton keys\'.

Next, keep heading east.
Be careful of the patches of grass- they warp you back to the hall or turn you around.

Watch out for the \'Cloaked Nemesis\' and \'Sweet Softeners\' Open the rest of the doors in this area. When you get to the northeast room with the \'Dracon\' you\'ll also find \'Razier\'. He\'s the one you need to get the \'Cape of the Last days Sect for Wizardz and steal the \'Dracon key\' from for Matt QX in the miner\'s guild. If your persuade is high enough, he\'ll want you to give him \'Goblin Ale\'. Keep talking to him until he gives you both items. The stairs leading up head to the lair of the \'Drac Nagas\'.

Drac Nagas Lair

When you get to the top of the stairs, turn east and open the door to the south with the \'Dracon Key\'. Eliminate the Red Molemen and Drac Naga gaurds.

Take the teleport to the west. Head east and find the stairs to the south. Go up them to the Last Days Hall.

Last Days Hall

Make sure you wear the last day\'s cape when you get to the \'sect welcome party\'. Choose the option of showing your arm. When you pass, and head into the room with the pillars, go to the middle of the west wall and tap the circle decoration on the wall behind the plant to find an item of \'Artifact\'. You\'ll need this to open the door between the pillars and goddess statues. Inside, you\'ll need to eliminate an \'Abyssal Ghoul\'. There\'s a small door in which you\'ll find Basn2. You\'ll receive \'Basn2\'s Golden Bow\' and an \'Artifact Gem\'. Head to the bone gate to the east. In this area, you\'ll need to defeat \'Abyssal Guardians\'. There\'s not much in this room full of water, except for hole in the floor leading to the Underwater Reef. (This area won\'t be open if you don\'t have the quest from Turqoi)

Underwater Reef
The water elemental sprite Azura will be down here. You need to eliminate \'Follower of Skulls\' and \'Drac Nagas\'. (You\'ll need the \'Sword of the Dracons\' to eliminate the Drac Nagas in this area). Find the gray colored wall in the northeast area and tap it to open it. You\'ll need clippers to deactivate the bomb. (you can purchase \'Dragon Claw Clippers\' from Aura the Smith in Core City). Next, cut the forcefield with your weapon. Free Azura.

Head through the gate to the south. You\'ll need to defeat an \'Abyssal Guardian\' and \'Hemma\'s Henchman\' that will drop an item of \'Hemma\'s Key\'. Follow the passage, talk to and eliminate the \'Drac Naga Guard\' blocking your path. Eliminate the \'Abyssal Ghoul\' and step on the switch plate. Turn and face west. Walk towards the wall and press the small square button. A hole will open in the floor to the east. Eliminate the \'Abyssal Guardian\' there. You can activate the switch by the teleport, but nothing will happen. Tap the gray sections of wall to pass through them. Use \'Hemma\'s Key\' on this door. Eliminate the \'Abyssal Guardian\' and \'Abyssal Ghoul\'. This is where you\'ll find Hemma Royde. You\'ll need a \'Draconite Staff\' to defeat him. Once you defeat him, return to the teleport and activate it.

The Abyss

In this area you\'ll need to defeat \'Abyssal Guardians\', \'Abyssal Ghouls\'. After you teleport, go 3 paces west, turn north and walk as far as you can go. There should be a \'Hematite Wand\' on the ground in front of you. Pick it up, turn and face south. Go 5paces, turn east and go 6 paces, turn north and go 2 paces and hit the face with the wand to summon the \'Dark Lord\'. (You need to be sure that you have restored the \'Elemental Lord\' or you\'ll be pushed back and won\'t be able to attack the \'Dark Lord\').


  • Help please! I am missing something. Playing classic version. I have completed all 4 sprites. When I approach the Dark Lord in the Abyss, I get pushed back but don't know what I am missing. I don't understand the comment above to make sure I restored the Elemental Lord. I thought I needed to capture the Dark lord to complete the great elemental statue for the Asteroid Mage.

    Also when I try to leave Mage Haven, I get the following message: "You forgot to do something. It's not fatal to you but could be fatal to the Elemental Lord."

    Any tips, I'm stuck at this last quest of the expansion. Thanks!

  • edited February 2023

    Are you hitting the Dark Lord with the Mysterious Wand or the Haematite Wand? Do you have the Fire, Air, Water and Earth Abilities?

    The thing you probably forgot to do is close the door to the room where the Light Lord is. There's a button to its right. : )

  • Closing the door got rid of the message. Attacking the Dark Lord worked. He was green (instead of red) so I kept trying to talk to him. Expansion complete.

    Thank you for your help and all your work on these awesome expansions!

  • You're very welcome. I'm glad you got through.
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