Cat's Rocks/Weighing down.

Ok, Cat, I picked up your rocks along the way somewhere. Are they sellable, needed for a quest for just to make one ask questions? I want to switch armor and can't cause I carry too much. Keep downing potions and have some armor with feather but I rather wear armor with other features too, instead of feather because of having to carry everything as I am not sure what I can sell and for fear of needing and not having it in a quest. Example, I just received A Golden Hammer (which I enchanted with environmental so I can enchant higher) and a Sword-Thor's Blessing, that adds weight. So I have your rock and your armor too. I can't wear a hat with disease resistance of 90% cause if I change caps, I am 200 pounds over my weight limit.


  • I don't think my rocks serve any function in Thor's Hammer but I may have given them some function somewhere else. They are not sellable. Just stash them in Old Shaman's room in Lord Stonely's Stonely Castle on a shelf there. : )

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