Stuck on a few: I think Stone Folio is the problem

I have:

  • Save Caerworn Castle
  • Stone Folio
  • Hammer of Restoration

still open.

I'm currently in Long Stones Crypt but I don't seem to have the folio. Am I supposed to do something with the pillars near the coffin in the main room?

The Master Builder wants "a special hammer, a magical token and a chest of gold" - I don't think I have the gold or token yet. But he's not recognising the Hammer of Restoration, which I do have.

For Stone Folio it tells me to speak to Oilof the Giant. Oilof tells me to go the Mithras Monk. I can't remember what the monk may have originally said, but now in response to "About a folio" he simply replies: "Welcome, Istara. It's good to see you. I think of you whenever I raise my stout bow."

So I'm a bit stuck with what I should be doing! Help greatly appreciated ;)


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    How did you get the Hammer of Restoration? Did you buy it from Phredd? You've done all you can with the Mithras Monk. The Stone Folio is in Long Stones Crypt. Do you have any Magical Tokens? You can't save Caerworn Castle unless you have everything the Master Builder asks you for.

  • The Stone Folio-----

  • Thanks as ever for helping me! ;)

    I found the Hammer of Restoration in the barn.

    I do have two Magical Tokens.

    So I'm now at that place in the Stone Folio - I've tapped the coffin and hit it (am I supposed to use the Hammer of Restoration?) - I'm still not sure that I have the Stone Folio though.

  • it sounds like you got the Stone Folio but need the Chest of Gold. You should have the Stone Folio as a letter with instructions. It's a letter.

  • Brilliant! I did have it. Turns out I was talking to the wrong giant.

    It’s all done now - Old Shaman is happy etc - except Stone Folio isn’t cleared from my quest list.
  • Did you talk to Sheets with it in your inventory?

  • Yes. It doesn't seem to clear it.

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    He does clear it. What does he say when you talk to,him? You haven't sent him to,his eternal rest yet?

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    If you have the Stone Folio in your inventory and have completed the Save Caerworn Castle quest and talk to Sheets, he says this--'Where were we? It must be time for cakes. What's that? You found my Stone Folio? That's miraculous. There's hope that all will turn out for the best. That would make a fine rhyme. Let all turn out for the best so Lord John Sheets may find his peaceful rest. Send me now to my eternal rest. I can only rest when Caerworn Castle is rebuilt and you've ended the feud between my two sons. It's all or nothing.'

    And he clears that quest and gives you the new quest to send him to his peaceful rest.

  • Aha I had to speak to Old Shaman and clear the main quest first! Thanks ;)

    Now I'm on the Eternal Rest quest.

  • I cant find the hammer of restoration and can not go back to the mirror in caerworn castle where phredd is?
  • You can't enter the mirror that leads to the Ghost World where Predd is unless you have the Cursed Figurine. It's not sellable, so you must have stashed it somewhere.

    Phredd doesn't sell the Hammer of Restoration. The Hammer is in Rymair the Crofter's barn. You can't find that out until you give him one of the Magical Tokens. How far have you gotten in the walkthrough:

    "Lord Sheets' memory is foggy and Lord Caerworn is more concerned about raising money by selling family heirlooms but Lady Caerworn remembers Sheets said he wrote down hints on a folio after he hid his treasure. She asks you to look for it. She suggests you try the cellar. When you find the Folio, bring that to Lady Caerworn. It's unfortunately written in a script she doesn't understand.

    She asks you to take it to the Monk of Clokanog Keep to the north so he can translate it. He agrees but you must bring him five loaves of bread, five pints of black beer and 5000 gold.

    He translates the Folio. Bring that back to Lady Caerworn. It reads 'Dark Demons'. Lady Caerworn asks you to take the translated Folio and a drink of Joggy Nog to Sheets to help him remember where he hid the real folio. She gives you the recipe for Joggy Nog which you must make.

    When you bring Sheets (who is in the Library, second floor) the translated Folio and the Joggy Nog, he remembers he hid a Code Scroll bearing a password in the Tower of Dark Demons that should help you find the Stone Folio which will reveal his hidden treasure. You'll need the Amulet of Protection he gives you to enter the Tower of Dark Demons. The entrance is in Devil's Bridge to the northeast.

    In the far northeast of the Tower of Dark Demons is Harmnone the Hermit. He tells you that in order to find the Code Scroll, you must talk to the Dark Demon Raven who might be found there in a bush. The Raven will want a piece of maggoty meat and when you give it to him, he tells you the Code Scroll is buried under a bright green stone in that tower. Find the stone, find the Code Scroll. When you find it, take it back to Sheets.

    The Code Scroll helps him remember that he had a stone tablet magically crafted to reveal three tokens that would lead to his treasure. He tells you to speak to Oilof the Giant in Giants' Footprints for further clues where to find it.

    Oilof tells you to speak to the Mithras Monk in the Temple of Mithras to the south. When you do, he asks you to find his Mithras Bow and then he'll help you. The bow was stolen by the Witch of Dalvia, Dalvia's Wood in the far north. His bow is hidden outside very near her hut.

    When you bring him his bow, he tells you to look for the Stone Folio in the crypt that lies under Long Stones Bog in the far mid south. You should have gotten the key from the Witch of Dalvia.

    When you get to the crypt, you'll have to fight some unpleasant monsters. The Stone Folio is there. It reveals three Magical Tokens and tells you to take one to Yotun the Giant, Giant's Footprints, one to Rymair the Crofter, and one to the Master Builder, who is either in his home in Wormiston Village or his villa in Fontburn Wood.

    Both Yotun the Giant and Rymair the Crofter will ask you to bring something to the Master Builder along with the Magical Token you have.
    When you go to the Master Builder's home, speak to the porter. He'll tell you the Master Builder is sick. You need St. Sampson's Oil to cure him.

    When he's cured, he'll repair Caerworn Castle and give you two chests. Deliver one to Lord Caerworn and one to Lord Alderley. Bring the receipts back to the Master Builder for your reward. See the goddess Arianrhod also in the tower of Dreamers' Tower for a reward. Go back to Old Shaman to get the key to your rooms in Caerworn Castle and further reward."

  • What are the code condition to end the "consult the dreamers" quest ? I made all the quests (according to the quest list) and it's the last remaining. I speak to all dreamers, to the both princes and both wifes but when speaking to Arianrhod the goddess choice doesn't end the quest, only "Good luck to you, mortal" and I also have the farewell choice that make her disappear and forbid to conclude the last quest (maybe an update for this last point to hide the farewell choice until the "consult the dreamers" quest is done. thanks

  • Speak to Old Shaman, Liz, Fershid and Pedsipec. You did all that so she says "good luck". If that didn't end the quest, you have a glitch.

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    Sad news, I Will have to use the hex editor again... Anyway that was a good trip, my remarks for the farewell dialog option is this valid unless it a glitch in my save too... I embark for basilik right now, see you soon. Thanks

  • It sounds like a glitch in your save.

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    Hi, I am having a hard time finding the hammer of restoration. Is it possible I sold it or is it yellow in the inventory?

    Is there an alternate way to get one?
  • It isn't sellable. There's no other way to get it except from Rymar the Crofter's barn.

  • I’m unable to clear stone folio. The library spider ask me to find sheets. Everyone else is happy, and satisfied. Where is sheets when not in Library? I have double checked the crypt and “ it smells like chocolate” however the Stone Folio quest remains

  • He's in tAs I mentioned in the other thread, he's locked up in the Tower of Ghouls. You have to find Sappho to free him. She's in a room beyond the room with the many floor plates. To convince her to let him go you need Persuade greater than 90 and Mind Magic greater than 90. You'll need to cast the spell Disarm at him to remove his bonds. Then after you talk to him, he should be back in the Library.

    He's locked up in a room in the far mid north.

  • Here is where Sheets is in the Tower of Ghouls. The yellow figure in the mid west is Sa

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