Find the sword for General Belomor HOL IV

Can anyone help me find the sword so I can leave the first floor of the castle? Belomor said to talk to Baba Yaga but I can’t remember if her dying note said where it could be found. Thanks!


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    Are you talking about the first floor of Kozney's Castle? You don't need the sword to do that. To get to the second floor, you need to have done Tzar Yaromir's quest, Find Kozney's Death--For Tzar Yaromir in the Royal Headquarters, find the remaining four pieces of Kozney's death. Bring the duck, rabbit and the needle to Tzar Yaromir. Destroy the oak with a spell.

    You also need to have found Dr. Vlad and you need one of the belts--Life, Death or Chaos.

    As far as the sword for General Belomor, that's the Kladenec Sword and Silvergirl has it. You haven't reached her yet. She's not on the third floor.

  • Thanks Cat. Yes the first floor with the oak tree. I have finished Yaromirs quest and have found Vlad. Also I am wearing belt of chaos. As I try to enter the hole at the end of the first floor agent K tells me to complete quests and say goodbye and won’t let me down.

    By the way, best apps I have ever played. Love these games. Thanks!!

  • Ok I made it. Just needed to keep trying to go down the ladder. Eventually he let me....

  • Can you tell me where the belt of life is?
  • You get the Belt of Life, Belt of Death or a Chaos Belt in Hero of Lukomorye III. There is also a Chaos Belt in HOLIV in case you didn't get one or lost one.

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