Dead Abbot

The Dead Abbot is giving me the silent treatment. Is there something I need to do before talking to him? Or, alternatively, is there something I should NOT do before talking to him.



  • Your Crime needs to be less than 26.

  • Interesting. My Crime is currently 0 and neither of the two characters that can clear crime offer to do so.

    I first entered St. Aidan's Crypt from the stairway on the Holy Island and explored the eastern portion, then went back and entered via the underwater cave and thought that might have been the reason.

    Killing Ragnar and doing the "Preserving the Relics" quest are all that I still need to do and it looks like I may not be able to do the latter.

    Ah well, c' est la vie.
  • He doesn't give you the relics. He gives you the quest to Preserve the Relics which it looks like you have so I think you talked to him as much as you can. He just opens the door to where they are. The relics themselves are in a gold coffin behind him. He told you to take them to the Abbess of St. Hilda's. What you might need to do is to remove the trap that moves you back once he opens the door. To remove that, you have to do the three switches in the mid north in the right order.

  • I see I did not express myself clearly. I only know about the "Preserving the Relics" quest from the quest list doc you created; I have not received it from the Dead Abbot (and apparently cannot) which is why I started this discussion. In fact the only quest still in my Quests List is "Lord Stonely's Revenge".

    I presume the door in the hall just west of the abbot is the one he should open, but for me it is still closed. I did already find and flip the three switches (one says "Nothing happens."); could doing this before talking to the abbot be the problem?
  • No. The Dead Abbot is pretty straightforward. But there have been a lot of updates to Thor's Hammer. Are you sure you have the latest version? Flipping the switches just removes the trap that pushes you back.

  • I am playing version 3.0.6 which I installed from the Google Play Store about 2 weeks ago.

    At this point I am starting to think that something I have done has tripped a flag that prevents the abbot from talking to me and that the best thing I can do is load the save at the Port of Matras that I entered Thor's Hammer from and start over and see what happens.

    (I had something like this happen earlier. The teleport to Hobbe's Hole became non-functional after I cleared-out the Maze Maidens; it became functional again after I accomplished a couple of things.)

    Thanks for your help.

  • Sometimes sleeping (or playing) seven days and nights resets the game and clears things up.

  • I'm stumped by the switches..Killed Ragnar, got rid of shambling disease, etc.. but have tried every combination of switches, and always get nothing happens as response when flipping last switch. What am I doing wrong?

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    Which switches? How many are there? It could be that nothing happens because you already activated the switches. If they're the three switches in the middlish--hit the southernmost switch first, then the one east of that and lastly, the westernmost switch.

    Those switches disable in trap in the southwest that move you back. If you can proceed there, you know you're good. Otherwise, try south switch, switch east of south switch then west switch. Flip them all up first.

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    Hi, I am confused by the 3 switches in St Aiden. One of the switches is both southernmost and westernmost. I cannot get the switches right. They are very close to each other and, while facing them, could probably be described as middle, left and right.

    The two rightmost switches always say bing or bong. While the leftmost (SW of the others) says "nothing happened".

    I tried a bunch of different combinations and went back twice to the relics entrance and was still pushed back at the third spike-pole.
  • Here's a screenshot showing the 3 switches
  • I got it. I believe it was middle, right, then left (by my nomenclature).
  • So I have the quest to preserve the relics and I have the relics but when I talk to the abbess she does not respond with anything other than she is part of st Hilda’s , what did I miss here

  • You need St. Cuthbert's Relics, and two books, the Holy Gospels and Scriptures. Do you have all three?

  • This is the only quest I have left

  • if you have the quest, Preserve the Relics, For the Dead Abbot, St. Aidan's Crypt, find and bring the holy relics to the abbess of St. Hilda's. And you have all three items, she should take them and thank you.

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