Can't find the dragon

i have the dragon key. I've cleared the lair. When I teleport to the dragon King, the room is empty and a note on the wall says ha ha a little trick
ive walked the inside of the mountain dropping potions, and only found one wall that moved
I've tapped, bashed, disarmed, and unlocked spell everywhere I can think of.
my only quests left are the dragon tome, deliver the note to the princess, and kill the dragon.
I'm guessing I can't take the sword to the King til after I kill the dragon
I know I'm missing something obvious


  • You need to take the sword to Lord Yuz before you can kill the dragon. He sets the wall there hidden and then you can get to the teleport that takes you to the right place. So you need to take Lord Yuz the sword Sharahazad.

  • see. i outthink myself.

    you really are pretty terrific
  • yvw!

    But--I have the map and can't find the rubies. I walked the mine and tapped and bashed all of scratched or scarred walls
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    Tap the cracks in the walls.

  • i tried that
    i went to an inn and slept 21 times
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    Only a few of the cracks have them. Goose Egg Rubies. Nothing is wrong -just tested it myself. There is one on the ground at the end of the mine. That should respawn if you sleep 21 times.

  • I brought the sword to the king yuz. quest closed. but I do not know where the princess is and where the dragon is. I searched everything in the bethlussa lair. can not open only one gate in the northwest in the inner lair (Missing key). to the right is a teleporter which allegedly leads to the dragon. but can not be found. that's why I suspect it's somewhere in the heatrani mountains. I can not get anywhere except for a wall that I could fumble away. But there are nothing when tap, hit the walls. Please help
  • She's in Bethlusaa's Lair. The way to the dragon is there too. The Princess is beyond that gate in the northwest and you need the Dragon Key. Tap a plume of fire near there.

    The Dragon is in the Inner Lair. In the far northwest also is a teleporter that asks you to choose the good or evil end. That's the path to Bethlusaa.

  • I searched everything and I did not find the key in any of the existing flames or torches. If you write nearby, do you mean the immediate area of ​​the locked gate or altogether in the liar?
  • Here is where the key is--you need the quest Rescue Cmonez to get it and here is how you get to Bethlusaa.

  • Ok, that key I almost have. But It wont accept at this gate. Thats why I was thinking it was the wrong one
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    I would post screens but Ism not allowed !
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    I've done the following. After 3 weeks of marathon sleeping again the opponents fought. A dragon slave then left a red dragon key. That was the right key. The key I found in the flames was just a dragon key. I'm just surprised why none of the opponents left this "red" dragon key after the first cleanup. Well, it continues now. Thank you Cat for your patience;)
  • The key that unlocks the gate to Princess Cmonez is in that plume of smoke. : )

    The key that unlocks the gate BEFORE you get to Cmonez's gate is the Red Dragon key and that is dropped by a monster. I didn't know you were that far back but I'm very happy you got through.

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