Classic edition
I'm in the quarry. I'm a little over 250 topaz, and Smurf says they're store bought or gifts.
I have only topaz from the quarry.
Do I just need to keep mining?


  • Smurf checks a global and that global has to be more than ten. So if you have over 250 topaz from the quarry, I'd say there might be something wrong with the game counting globals. The code is right but if you have a lot of expansions enabled, the game engine might have a problem counting over so many expansions. You got the topaz by mining there with Smurf's axe? I may have to do an update to change the global counting. You could also try sleeping 21 sleeps in an inn and see if that changes what Smurf says.

  • Yes Smurf's axe
    I will try sleeping
  • Let me know. I can try to do a fix. You could try disabling some expansions if you have a lot enabled.

  • I did it. Thank you!
  • your pest again
    I have all 3 notes on the third floor
    I talk to Hermione, and she says she will help me access the vault.
    I can't find.
    I also haven't found the Stol person I'm supposed.
  • Saltichiya and the trials by torture
  • For Saltychiha, you need to talk to Taras in Cape Nose. He says, "Hey, we want you. I hope you don't mind a trial period. My Chief, Saltychiha likes to make sure our recruits are well-trained before she sends them against the enemy. Take this key and go see Frostya who lives near Kin'-Grust' Lake. She's a very nice demon and can take you to the place of trials. Good luck to you."

    Are you sure Hermione talks to you about a vault? What does she say when you talk to her?

  • She thanks me for the baby
    I ask for proof that I delivered her so I can get the sword
    Hermione says I need to bring her 4 items from the vault
    she says she has made it possible to enter the vault
    She says don't talk to her until I have the items.
    I can complete the level without it, but I need the sword for the General and I think then I can kill Arg
  • Okee-I see what you need. The vault is here where the dot is--Hermione removes the wall with the white cube near there and the switches you'll need to do to open that gate are to the right.

  • Thank you! I bought this when it was first released, and never made it past the first floor.
    All done.
    For the sake of the little bit of sanity i claim to have, I appreciate all of the time and effort you put into these games
  • Thank you. : ) More coming. Luko IV is a toughie.

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