Any idea when Hero of Lukomorye 4 might be out? Love all the remakes that have been made so far as well as the new expansions. Speaking of new expansions, any thing new on the horizon?


  • Celtic Doom is just about ready for testing. HOLIV will be after that and then a new one.

  • Awesome, thanks!

  • Need any help testing? Eagerly, patiently and happily awaiting hol4.

  • Not right now, thanks. We're almost done. Needs about another week. We test on Steam PC. Would that interest you for the next game? Basilisk's Eye?

  • It absolutely is of interest. Unfortunately, Steam won't let me download the exe for the game, only the editor. Happened whilst playing thor's hammer- one day the game was gone! I emailed redshift without response to get the exe back to fix it and steam doesn't do customer support for quest. Dang!

  • You might try deleting and reinstalling Steam but that might mess with other things so not sure if it's the best idea. I've had to do that a few times. Sadly, we test on Steam and you'd need the base game.

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    Advice for playing HOL4--when faced with some of the many monsters on the surface map, hide behind a tree or building if you can, replenish your health, fight, hide, replenish your health. The place is crawling with monsters.

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