Let's get infected!

Hello all. I'm trying to get infected by: trembling and hairy hands (and any I forgot). I already have berserker's curse, wyrms and shambling. What are the best places for each that I am not infected with? I know some may be just for quests and not actually contractable. Thanks!


  • Those are the diseases. You'll have to play to find them as it would take me too long to search all the instances down. : )

  • I appreciate the time you take to comment, Cat. I definitely do not expect you to answer the 'hello all' type questions- you have far too much awesomeness to do! Trying to take advantage of the wonderful fan forum base. Any players out there willing to mention? I've played through TH 4 times now, just with really high resist, and as mentioned in other threads, want to get all the groovy diseases so I can make the other games challenging at my level. Any player help would be grand.
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