Reanimator quest, Pit of Beauracracy

Hello. On steam PC: I have tried this quest multiple ways: with/without official cap, kill skeletons before/after interrogation, ask and believe everyone except Calcinius, don't believe anyone and kill them all. All of my solution attempts result in the same message from TwoBrows: "You must both interrogate the prisoners. Find out who's reanimating the corpses and kill him. Kill the reanimated skeletons too."
Frankly, I have no idea what I am doing wrong.
I even went through Dreader's way and nothing changed.
Any help would be appreciated.


  • I should add that doing this quest on my android was simple and done on the first try.
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    The code is all the same on PC and mobile. Perhaps you missed killing one of the reanimated skeletons? There are seven.

  • Good thought Cat, but I killed all of the skeletons so many times. All sorts of dead. I even bopped each coffin with cure wounds touch just to see if any undead could be made more dead. I kept several save files proving that I am getting nowhere on that quest. If it isn't going to interfere with the main storyline being solved, I will just let Liz live with disappointment.
  • Let it go,for now. It's a side quest. At some point, you could try sleeping in an inn 21 Days to reset the game and see if Two Brows is more responsive. But you'll also respawn a lot of monsters.

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