Deny Madden

.For some reason I am unable to pick a fight with Madden. I think that’s why I can’t wake Habren. Any advice, maybe something I’ve forgotten..? Thanks in advance!


  • I'd need to know if you're playing the Classic (old) version or the new version because they're different. You can't pick a fight with Madden until you've either wakened her or poisoned her.

    To waken Habren, you need the quest to waken her, the Crown of Rejuvenation, you need to have killed Taran and talked to Queen Guen to at least the point where she tries to kill you.

  • I’m playing the new version, and the witch is dead...

  • Both in the main world and the otherworld

  • Did you kill Taran?? What does Madden say when you talk to him?

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