Queens face flower

The above is the last ingredient I am missing for mulderzsis.

Im in belovodsk, palace quarter, found a house bottom left who says go away not showing you my flower, so im stuck....how do I get the last remaining flower....


  • Hit the door with your weapon at night.

  • Hi Cat - I’ve hit every door in BELOVODSK both palace quarter and square at night and I haven’t been able to find the right house to break in to, could you please explain or show where this house is? Thank you!

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    Go to Belovodsk-Palace Square.

    Walk to the extreme south as far as you can. Face north. To your right is the house of Dr. Teseoglu. To your left is the house with the door that has the Queen's Face flower. To get it, you need to hit the door at night with your weapon and have the quest "Gehenna Fever Cure - For MuldrzSiS, Redshift University, find ingredients so she and Old Shaman can find a cure for Gehenna Fever and Hades Itch. Talk to Old Shaman there to learn which ingredients to gather and bring them to him. Then, go back to MuldrzSiS for your reward."

  • That worked, thank you!

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