Black Bogatyr tower entrance

So I was taking good notes as I picked up quests, but then I had a phone call (I'm on a mobile phone), and I clicked thru the explanation on how to get into the other tower - I've saved Vasilisa, now to turn the sadistic SOB who kidnapped her into a biology student's wall chart.


  • Walk around in Ezersk North at night until a woman appears. She should be in the southeast there.

  • Thanks - so the same woman who let me into Vasilisa's tower?
  • Nope - she wasn't out. I did find 'a castle key' on the ground, but no woman wandering. Maybe I didn't explain well enough; I'm trying to get past the barrier for the second tower, not Vasilisa's tower. I already saved her - now it's time to disembowel her captor. :P
  • Ah, seems I solved it myself. Castle key gets you in, and it's easy from there.
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    I've been looking around for hours for this key. I can't find it anywhere. Could it have been dropped by an enemy and then despawned? Where exactly is it?

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    So I loaded up another character and went to see if the Castle Key was an enemy drop. Sure enough. My bet is that it despawned and I can't finish Luko II with the old character anymore. I'm just going to assume that's the case and move on to another character unless I hear differently. Phredd doesn't sell the key. 😞

    I've got a whole roster of other characters and this is my second time through Luko II, so it's not a huge tragedy. But if Phredd were to offer the key for sale, I would very enthusiastically buy it... I won't delete the character, I'll just move along to others.

  • Hello, Frostwraith. Is this the Classic Version you're playing or the HD version. I can give Phredd the key to sell. : ) Or more better, I can put it on a candle. : ) Easier for me.

  • Thank you Cat! I'm actually not sure, since it's just called "The Quest" (not Gold or HD). It's on Android and says Version 19.0.

    Luko II is Version 6.1.1.
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    I put three keys on the pale window to the west of the sign that says "Guarded by Kozney's Messengers" in Ezersk-Tower Island as you face south. Face south toward the sign and then examine the window to the west. There are stairs there that go down. The window is gray.

  • Thank you! Will I need a software update? The Play Store doesn't currently show one available for download.
  • You will. You have to wait for Elendil to have time to upload the file. Have patience. Thanks.

  • That's no problem. I'll return to this character once it comes through.
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