Porting my character

Is there a way to save my character for further expansions if I did not start in The Quest?


  • Do you mean if you're playing the standalone version? I'm not sure. I think you'd have to ask elendil@redshift.hu. I'll ask him for you though.

  • I asked Elendil your question. This is his answer:

    "You can import a save from a standalone version into the main game, provided you've enabled the expansion in question. (Of course this only works within the same versions, new and classic saves are not compatible.)"

  • Hello,

    is this still working? If I copy a save-file from "Basilisk's Eye" into the folder of "The Quest", then I can open this save-file in "The Quest" - but how do I get to Freymore with it?

  • You should write Elendil at elendil@redshift.hu

    as things change.

    I don't know the answer. Sorry.

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