Locked Doors in Argimon's Dungeon

I am trying to fee Catacomber in HOL I. I have solved the remainder of the quest, but I am stuck with 2 locked doors in Argimon's Dungeon.

I tried enchanting multiple items to get my lock pick skill up to about 370 and used a perfect condition Master's lock pick and Zombie lock pick to no avail. I was still unable to open the doors. I am certain I am missing something simple, but for the life of me I can't figure out what it is.

I have attached images of the 2 locked doors. The arrows are pointing to the doors.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I won't forgive myself if I don't free Catacomber.


  • Until you get the official answer from cat, I’ll kick in whatever remember. If I remember right that is the odds and evens puzzle. You need to flick every other switchs down, that will help with one of the doors I believe. If I’m wrong I’m sorry but at least it’s something to try until you get a better answer

  • For the first door near all the switches, you need the Gold Dragon Key. Argimon has a map up here that shows where all the keys are. I think Allan727 (thanks Allan) gave you the answer to activating the teleporter in the room you can't get to.)

    For the second door, you need the Gray Dragon key. Again, consult Argimon's map of keys.

    Please rescue me from my cruel prison. ^^ Allan727, thanks for the help. I can really use it right now as testing HOLIII and trying to put in Caerworn Castle. : )

  • Thank you both for your help. Fear not Catacomber, I will rescue you! :-)

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    Thank you guys again for your help. I was able to free Cat. :smile:

  • Thank you guys again for your help. I was able to free Cat. :smile:

  • Meow! ^^ My feline heart is full of thanks. No longer will I shiver in that cold dungeon while the insidious rats try to nibble my ears.

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