Wolves Den

The wolf that killed Zora's sister didn't appear what do I need to do?


  • A bunch of other wolves did after touching the walls but not the one that ate Zoras sister
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    It's there. That den is bigger than it looks. Not at my computer until late tonight. The one that ate Zora's sister is among those wolves.

  • It drops Shura's Amulet. Did you check the floor? It's not sellable.

  • Thank You

  • I keep on restarting the mission at a save point and still no necklace after I kill all of the Wolves am I meant to speak to the wolf? The necklace just isn’t there

  • It's there. You're not meant to speak to it. But you won't see that wolf until you get the quest from Zoya to find his sister Shura.

  • Here is the location of the Hornbeam Button and Mighty Cudgel.

  • Dear Cat, I don't know if I thanked you for posting this, but I sure meant to. Thank you very much!

  • You are very welcome! : )

  • I’m going back and playing with a new character and every time I go into the wolves den I have one area that acts like it has an enemy there but there isn’t. I borrowed your pic above and yellow-highlighted the area that it keeps happening. I’ve tapped everything and there is nothing. I’m assuming just a random glitch? (I did tap all the mirrors in the area and killed the witches already)

  • All the monsters there are visible. It's some kind of random glitch.

  • How do you get to the Mighty Cudgel? I killed the wolves and "heard the low growl" at the south wall of the main wolf area map posted here but can't figure out how to get through it.


  • Tap the wall with the gray dot that keeps you from getting to the cudgel. You need the Mighty Cudgel quest for it to work.

  • Ah, ok. I don't have that quest yet.

  • I have the 2 quests (Mighty Cudgel and Hornbeam Button) and went back to the den. Everything was refreshed so I killed everything again (and found a nice magic mirror I somehow missed the first time).

    I can't get to the area just south of the chamber where all the wolves are and where you get the necklace. I've tried clicking all the walls in that area and attacking them and can't seem to get the wall to open (the one where I originally "heard a low growl"). Am I missing something? I'm assuming that white dotted wall in your map above is somehow special.


  • In the big room that leads to the cudgel is a reddish wall. On the map above, it has a gray dot on it. Tap it.

  • Sorry, maybe I'm dumb. Is there a 2nd entrance to the "Wolves Den" area to get the Cudgel and Hornbeam? I swear I've looked at every single wall in the main Wolves Den and the only wall button is the one that opens the little alcove at 18,1 on the full dungeon map behind the plant at 20,1. I've clicked and attacked every wall in the Wolves Den and can't get to the Hornbeam/Cudgel area.

    Sorry if I'm missing something obvious.


  • And the answer is ... yes. There is a second entrance. Sigh. Thanks!

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