Issue with the bulls

I'm not sure if my bulls are in a confused state, or if it's just me.

I have the Bull Teleportation Spell and the Eau de Vache potion (which I consume before trying to enter their pens). I'm also wielding the Sword of Retribution.

For both bulls, when I stand in front of their respective pens, the conversation dialog comes up. If I tap "Honorable Animal" he moves faster than lightning and kicks me out. But if I instead select "Goodbye" and then tap on their door, I get the message "You have sent the bull to the Arena of Bulls".

But when I'm in the Bull Arena and try to enter the last door (with the SAVE YOUR FILE! sign), I can't enter with it saying I can't enter until the bulls are there to be slaughtered.

So is there another step somewhere I missed?
I'm standing around, confused, smelling of Eau de Vache....


  • You need the bull calming spell as well. Go an see wizzard alistair in tyrconell village.
  • Cool, that did it. So I guess the fact that I could 'cancel' out of the conversation with the bull then tap on the door and get the "You have sent the bull to the Arena of Bulls" message is a bug.

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    It's not a bug really. It's not what you were expected to do. : )

  • Heh heh! I'm in software development. Trust me, I never get away with that one... ;)

  • The problem is that it doesn't interfere with finishing the game. It's very subtle and most players wouldn't cancel out without talking to the bull. I agree it can be confusing. But my problem is that Elendil is super busy right now. And he asked me to cut down on the bug-finding rewards unless it's a game breaking bug. But since it was a very subtle find, if you'd like an item in Celtic Queen yet to be released for finding it, I can do that. But I can't change it.

  • Totally understand, no worries!

  • I have exactly the same issue. What should I do?

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    Try going back to talk to the bull with everything you need. If that doesn't work, you'll have to use an earlier save file. That message about sending him to the arena is only on the gate. You can't send him there unless you talk to him with the three things you need. If you didn't already talk to the bull about going to the arena, you should be able to talk to the bull again. BUT only if you have the things you need: Bull Calming Spell, Eau de Vache potion and Bull Teleportation Spell. I could do an update but don't see that it should be necessary.

  • Where I can found the Eau de Vache potion? 🤔
  • I've found it! 😋
  • Post and ye shall find!

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