Hero of Lukomorye I FAQ

To reach the little island where the Magic School is: you need to solve the quest find remains of Baba Manya,s grandson.

Broono's TIP for the final scene: just fight at the tunnel entrance, so if you need to bring potions or repair armor and weapons, you'll be able to do one step to get out from their weapons
Argimon’s Dungeon:
How to avoid killing Norbert:
Personally, I danced the Waltz...my dexterity isn\'t high enough to dance the fandango although I did have to shish-kabob poor Norbert, in hindsight I think you have a limited amount of time to figure out the evil genious behind the 13 levers, before Norbert starts to become aggressive. I never was good at math...poor Norbert, RIP.---Echo

Fibonacci code switches near Norbert:
Those are the switches that are the Fibonacci code. Deal with those first. Since you\'ve played with them, switch them all up and then switch down the following: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13.—Catacomber
How to find Cat:
I'm in a prison cell in the far Mideast of Argimon's dungeon., You need three things to free me--

Do the flag puzzle to remove a wall.

You need the Strange Key. And lockpick greater than 75. Martelius trains lockpick.

The key is in a pile of skulls in the extreme northeast of the dungeon.
To Take down the Force Fields in Argimon's dungeon:
Follow Argimon’s hint for taking down the force fields:
“There are six unique ways you can choose three levers. Be systematic about going through the six different ways. Try writing down the six ways, and cross off each unsuccessful one after you\'ve tried it.
If you need more specific directions than that:
Give each button the letter A, B, or C. Write down the six different combinations of A + B + C.

Save your game. Try a combination. If it doesn\'t work, cross off that one from the list, reload and try the next one.”
But before you tried the each new combination, reposition all the switches to off (flip them up). Hint: Flip the north switch last. Now you have narrower options.

All the casteks respawn. There is a castek in each high-level dungeon...
Savir Headquarters (located in Pine Barrens)
The Undersea Grotto
The Gates of Transportation
The Savir Armory (Forest of Illusion)
Giant's Thumb
Maxims Cellar (Home of the Forester)...and one in Argimon's Dungeon.

Heal Nifont:
You need scrolls of Cure Wounds Touch and Remove Curse Touch.

Ninja of Quest's Forest of Illusion Pentagram hint:
There are three switches for three pentagrams. The black wall you find has a switch on the other side. I don\'t recall if there are fake walls or not in the maze. You can pass through the veils with the Hero of Lukomorye symbol on them, by the way.
To cross the Pentagram that moves you back:
You have to disable them by hitting the switches.

Mound of Svatibor puzzle: When you finish that key puzzle you get a key that's useful in the Forest of Illusion. Once you get and use that key from the last statue you can get rid of those other keys. Just drop them in a barrel or if you're sentimental, take them to your house and keep them for a few years. : )The Blue Island Key and the Gray Island Key together with the Green island Key and the Red Island key will get you into the armory but you may have to be a certain level.

Erofeich’s key will get you into high level dungeon Gates of Transport if you are a certain level.

The Treasury Key works on the treasury when you get there.

Solovey wants Kozlodoy\'s skull and the Mokosh arrows. The monster Mokosh drops the arrows.
If you got the quest to find the Magic Mushroom of the Leshiy from Prince Borovik you can make Kozlodoy mad and kill him.

To get the potion to pacify Karachun: You need to bring Chef Stroganov a Cyclops lily and a dark mushroom. Mirror is on a strange looking plant near Dookh Village guy's house.

The dark mushroom is in the Deep Timberland in the HD version and in Rubezhye Forest West in the classic version in a pool in about the middle of the forest.

The cudgel and hornbeam button are in the Wolves' Den on spots across from each other. You find the hornbeam button on a shelf behind a useable/crackable wall on the left--try a useable/crackable wall on the right and a pile of dirt for the cudgel.
How to enter Dookh Village: You need to get a magic scroll from Borovik in Home of Borovik to the west. Then search the NW corner of Dookh Village for an area where tapping one tree will let you enter the village (search your map carefully). Borovik\'s scroll will allow you to tap and remove that tree.

To find Solovey's Den: To find Solovey's den you have to go a little north of Zoya's hut and tap the bushes on the east side of that ring of foliage you can't get past.

As you count up from the bushes to the north of her hut and on the east side, it's the third bush up that you need to tap with Zoya\'s note in your back pack.
If you accidentally sold the steel bows Gorlitza gives you, they're sold in better weapon shops. So for example Brom the Blacksmith in the base game---I think he's in or near Phryn would sell them.

What's on Gorlitza's list:
Two falchions
One long sword
Four long bows
3 steel bows
Five master quivers
Four poisoned quivers


Five cure poison
10 cure plague
Five cure paralysis
8 strong healing
Ten full healing
Nine full mana
Ten small mana
10 bread
Ten cheese
Ten meat

The shelf in the Fisher Hut does not have permanent storage--don't store anything there.

To find Semyon's Bible. Check with the teachers in the Magic School.
Gleb's brother. Broomo on the battlements can send you to the otherworld at least once (More than once I believe needs high persuade) where you will meet his brother's ghost.
Gates of Transport: You need to get the scroll from Borovik in Home of Borovik to the west of the spirit's house. Then search the NW corner of Dookh Village for an area where tapping one tree will let you enter the village (search your map carefully). Borovik's scroll will allow you to tap and remove that tree. The blue hare's scroll is on the ground just as you enter the village there. Then go back and guess the spirit's name to get the key to the GoT. (You can also sneak in.)

The key to surviving HOLI is to get the gear in the Magic School. You have to do Baba Manya\'s quest in Muck Haven Island to do that.

The proof Max needs to free Dara is on a shelf in Temple of Mokosh.
Michele LaConto's Guide to How to Get Across Muck Island to the small island where the School of Magic is:
This is just a quick guide to send you in the right direction. You'll get better equipment from the School of Magic.


  • Having issue with the spiders web in the royal silk room. Special weapon or spell?

  • Hi, Bhiffy! Welcome to the new forum! You need this quest--For Mokoshka, Royal Spiders' Silk Factory, Grasslands, find the source of the oppressive feelings that afflict her workers and lift the curse.

  • How do you do find the remains quest in hol 1? We're stuck and can't find the remains. Can anyone help please?

  • His remains are in the same part of the cave as Tao's Ring of the Aerons. : ) Go to the far northwest of Prince Sarovet's Cave and slip on some small rocks.

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