Princess Dea’s cousin won’t clear

I found and talked toTari in Dyah’s area but Princess Dea doesn’t clear the quest. She thanks me for finding the ring and invites me to participate in some games or something. Any ideas?


  • That's a complex quest. Here is a short walkthrough for solving this quest. The quest involved here is Princess Dea's Cousin: For Princess Dea, Ezersk Underground, find her cousin, Tari.

    Let's work backwards to how you do that.
    To be able to talk to Tari in Ezersk Underground, you have to remove the wall that is in front of her door.

    To remove that wall, you have to talk to Dyah there about Tari. For her to remove the wall, you need to talk to Dyah with a Calming Staff in your inventory. To get into the room where Dyah and Tari are, you need the Dragon Temple key. You get that from Wizard Leonid if you have the quest to find Tari and Stealth greater than 64.

    To get the quest to find Tari, you have to talk to Princess Dea in Ezersk Underground. She tells you:

    "The worst disaster is that my little cousin Tari disappeared while I was walking around the city with my sister, Dara, and some friends, looking for my father Mersant's lost ring. We were also trying to cheer up my best friend, Niken, whose mother just passed away. People keep teasing her, calling her Nikental and Nikentut. I need you to help me find my little cousin, find a cure for Niken's sadness and find my father's ring. Will you help?" She gives you three quests, including finding Tari.

    You ask her "Where should I start." She answers with specific instructions: "Talk to my cousin, Mandy. She was with us. She may know something about Tari's disappearance. She said she saw Tari run off, but I don't remember which direction. Mandy's staying with a friend in Ezersk, North End."

    So you go to talk to Mandy in Ezersk North End: If you have Persuade over 96, she tells you: "She was kidnapped by my cousin Dyah who is possessed by demons. Dyah is trying to cause trouble because she doesn't think she can win the mage's championship. She's not only wicked, she's crazy. Unfortunately, I don't know where she is. But I beg you to help me. If Dea finds out what happened she'll blame me even though I'm innocent. She said you would help find her father's ring. If you do, please bring it to me instead of to her so I can enchant it in a way that will make her forgive me no matter what I do. Then I can return it to her and she'll be happy with me."

    Once you talk to Mandy, if you talk to Dea's sister Dara, she gives you the Calming Staff you need to calm Dyah and tells you about the Dragon Temple where Dyah and Tari are.

    Dea checks whether you've spoken to both Mandy and Dara and that you've spoken to Tari and she's free. If you've done all that, she solves the quest and rewards you.

  • If you can't still solve this, let me know and I can add a dialogue to Phredd to solve the quest for you.

  • Just realized I posted this question in the wrong game thread, sorry about that. :/ Yeah, I think I messed up by going out of order somehow. That would be great to have Phredd fix it for me. BTW, where is Phredd in HOL 2? I’m almost finished and haven’t run across him yet. Thanks Cat!

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    Before I add anything to Phredd, could you just check whether you talked to Mandy? The only things Dea checks are that you found Tari and talked to Mandy About Tari with persuasion of at least 97 before you talk to Dea again. I think you might be missing the talk to Mandy bit. Phredd's in the Abyss but I hate to add that unless it's absolutely necessary as if people click through that dialogue too fast, it might mess them up. Can you just try talking to Mandy in Ezersk-North End and then go back to Dea?

  • Shiraz, did you try this?

  • I did. When I ask Mandy about Tari she replies that she doesn’t feel guilty for asking for the ring. Dea still only thanks me for the ring and for helping Nikken. Dyah, though, repeatedly confesses and reveals the door that Tari is behind. Since I already talked to Tari, the door is now locked and she is gone. Can’t remember where she said she was going. My persuasion is now at 220. I think it was at 100 at the start, but not positive. At the start of the quests, I had given Dea the ring before I talked to Mandy or Dara. When I first talked to Mandy she was upset that I had done this when she asked for the ring and seemed to shut down. Somehow I think I broke these series of quests. Sorry to be such a pain.

  • I'll have Merlin solve it for you. Thanks for checking.

  • Thank you, Cat! Other than that quest, I finished HOL2. Now I have my lovely Home Sweet Home where I can store and organize all the things I’ve is good. I’m so looking forward to the next HD expansion!

  • Thanks. Both Phredd and Mrs. Phredd are too filled up with topics, so I gave the About Tari dialogue to the Mad Dwarf who is in the Abyss to the left of Phredd and Mrs. Phredd. Will send the file to Elendil tonight.

  • Just a heads up. If you clicked through Tari's dialogue too fast, this will not solve your quest. When you tap on her door, she talks to you and requires you to answer. If you somehow got out of there without answering, she won't set the global that both Dea and Mad Dwarf need to check.

    But if you haven't rescued Tari, Mad Dwarf really shouldn't help you. Makes it too easy for a player.

    So let's see how the update goes. If it doesn't help you, I can make a further fix but I'd like to see if the problem is that players click too fast through Tari's dialogue. If that's the case, I want to try to avoid that happening in the future with other npc's. Thanks.

  • Sounds good, thanks. I could have clicked too fast. I’ve done that countless of times which has caused me some frustrations later on in these games. My fault for sure, not the game’s. Will let you know how it goes.

  • Thanks for the update, it worked like a charm!

  • That's great.

  • I’ve figured out how to reproduce the issue and how to clear it properly. After you talk to Mandy, you have to speak to Dea again, then speak to Dara, and then go to Dyah and save Tari. If you go straight to Dyah and save Tari, you will be unable to clear the quest and Dea has no dialogue for Tari. You also can’t get the calming staff from Dara unless you talk to Dea first. Because I already had the calming staff it was easy to skip talking to Dara which could lead to the quest not clearing. I know this is an old thread but hope it helps for future players.

  • Thank you for this guide. I'm sure it will help future players. I'm going to make a post just for your solution in a separate thread.

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