Newla the Bronze Spear Maiden

Where do you find Newla the Bronze Spear Mainden's housekeeper


  • If you talk to Junis and accept her quest, she will open the door in the midwest that leads to Newla who is currently in a spider form. You need Thor's hammer Mjolnar o kill her.

  • Where on the map do I find Newla?

  • She's here.

  • Where on the surface map do I find Newla.

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    I don't understand your question, She's not on the surface. She's in the Bronz Soear Maiden's fortress. She's turned into a spider. You have to kill her there. My black arrow points to where she is. You will never find her anywhere else.

    She's one of the Ragnar Warriors who can change their shape. Currently she is a spider and you have to kill her with Thor's hammer Mjolnar.

    She was disguised as a housekeeper but she is now spider and she is right there where my arrow points waiting to fight you.

    She is a little, lethal green spider.

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