Mould six medals

How do you mould six medals and what do you need to make them.


  • You get this quest from Old Shaman:  For Old Shaman, Hall of the Wise Ones, Stonely Castle, Stone Snout, mould six Great Warrior Medals to attract the six Berserkers you need to send to the Otherworld of Helheim. He gives you written instructions on what you must do.

    His written instructions tell you what to do: You will have to obtain a special mould from Credne the Blacksmith in Tryr's Forest in the far northwest. You will need to mine six pieces of gold and six blue diamonds from the Chevron Mines in the Chevron Mountains also in the northwest. You will need a special axe to mine there, the Chevron Axe. Explore bones. When you have all, place the mould, gold and diamonds in my cauldron and retrieve the medals. When you have the medals, see me for your reward.

    That's it. After you get the quest, go see Credne and do his quest so he gives you the mold.

    Then mine the gold and diamonds. You need to explore some skeleton bones to find the axe in the mine.

    Then go back to Old Shaman's room and place the mold, gold and diamonds in his cauldron. You will get the medals.

    See him for your reward. You need those medals to proceed.

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