Persuade the Dookh spirits

What Dookh spirits do you talk too or where do you find the Dookh spirits.


  • You have to talk to the npc who is giving you the quest and note carefully what they are saying.

    Tzar Yaromir's quest description says:

    "For Tzar Yaromir, Royal Quarters, Fortress of Zlatograd, persuade the spirits of Dookh Village near Rubezhye Forest to the south to use their magic to join the fight against the Savirs."

    So he tells you exactly where to go to find them. When you get to Dookh Village West, near Rubezhye Forest, talk to everyone you can.

    Talk to the Alderman Ded Pikhto. If you have the quest persuade the spirits, and have Persuade of at least 75, he will tell you what you have to do.

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