suggestions for new spells in some expansion

Create Lots of Food

  • higher mana cost but relatively more food created at once
  • name can be something fun also, like Create Feast or Create Banquet


  • will transport the user 1 step forward, then wait an eyeblink and transfer again 1 step forward
  • keep repeating for 6 or 8 times
  • movement blocked by obstacles normally, but this allows conveniently to move many steps with just one spell

Duplicate Object

  • duplicates the object at your feet
  • only works if exactly one object is at feet
  • one object becomes two objects
  • does not work on quest items (non-sellable items)

Reveal Hidden

  • huge mana cost
  • removes the “hidden by strong magic” of map
  • the “hidden by strong magic” automatically comes back after 2 turns

Enchant 2.0

  • as per the original spell but allows to overfill spell capacity
  • small overflow of capacity has a medium chance of success
  • big overflow of capacity has a small chance of success
  • upon failure, item is destroyed


  • destroys the items at your feet
  • does not destroy quest items (yellow title, non-sellable items)

Dispel Magic Field

  • works only on magic fields that have a certain tag/flag
  • above condition is needed not to break other expansions gameplay


  • edited March 25


    • repairs all your gear at once
    • could be somehow tied to repair skill to not make it redundant?

  • Clear Enhancements

    • removes all enchantments from a single item on the floor
    • does not work on quest items

  • Those are all wonderful but only Redshift can do them as I can't change the base engine code and that would require that. They are busy with the Quest2 and not doing anything to change the Quest1 engine.

    There is a thread at for the Quest 2 ("Betrayed"). You could copy and paste your suggestions there. It should generate some commentary.

  • Thanks for the tip!

  • I think it is worth posting there because they are not quite finished (close though) to finishing the Quest2 and maybe they could do some of those and then, when the editor eventually is available, I could do them too. : )

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