Mr. Alwahi wants me to find Aulya, and it seems that I’ve located her in front of a tent in Oasis of Singing Trees.

Unfortunately, she just stands there and doesn’t respond to my talking at all.

Should i investigate the Dust Demon’s Corner for clues?


  • You need two quests:

    Tigerskin Gloves: For Pedsipec, Circus of Flaming Swords, Kalimtan Beach, fetch Tigerskin gloves. You'll need them to handle Bethlusaa's tome. To get them, find Aulya in the Oasis of Singing Trees.


    Find Aulya

    You also need Persuasion greater than 90.

  • Thanks again! Would it be possible to somehow include in the game dialogs what quest is missing, in future expansions? Maybe it can be done without losing too much of immersion?

  • It would be too cumbersome because there are so many expansions. I have to rebuild Dracon's Nest because I got an out of memory exception. Too much dialogue. Rebuilding is almost one but is a huge pain. If this were not the case, I would. Engine has only so much memory and has to handle a lot of expansions now.

  • Ok, I understand! I like how you’ve been able to make these expansions happen, given the limits of the engine. Great work, and enjoyable games!

  • Thanks. You have no idea how tough it is. : ) I appreciate the appreciation. ^^

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