fine-pointed lockpick and others


I’m talking with Alfie in Glass Fortress - Towers.

He says he’ll open my chests, if I give him a Fine-Pointed lockpick. Where can i find it? I’ve find a fountain that has illusionary water, but i am not able to get the lockpick anywhere there.

After the lockpick, i read somewhere he’ll need something else also. Diamond cutter, or something. Where would i find that one?


  • The lockpick is in the bottom of a dry well there up in the far northeast of the Towers beyond a pink wall you need to blast away.

    Credne sells the Diamond Cutter. But there's one in the gurgly well there in the west of the Towers. You need the quest "Bring a Diamond Cutter" from Alfie to get it. When it breaks you'll need Repair of over 50 to fix it.

  • Do you mean this North-East? I’ve been unable to find a key for this door 😭

  • The dry well with the lockpick is in the northeast. The gurgly well with the Diamond Cutter is in the northwest.

    You're on your way in the right direction to the lockpick well. You have to talk to the guard wearing the Harlequin Shirt, Harlequin Pants and Belled Cap. You just have to have them in your inventory.

  • I have a faint memory of someone talking about Harlequin shirt and pants, but which NPC was it? Maybe they can guide me where to obtain these clothes. Or can i just camp outside a tailor’s shop?

  • There'sxa note on the ground there from Merlin to look for chests.

  • Ah, that’s right! I’ve got a collection of chests: 4x Golden Chest, 3x Old Chest, Pirates Chest, Rusted Chest, Rusty Chest, Watery Chest… I’m not sure what to do with them. Alfie won’t open any of them without his lockpick.

  • Sorry. I didn't notice that the room with the well is below where you are. You're on your way to Queen Guen. .The lockpick well is south of where you are. Alfie will give you the jester items you need to get in to see Guen if you give him his lockpick which is here.

  • Thank You! Now I was able to progress. I could’ve sworn that I had already tapped that pink wall … but perhaps I had tapped it before i had the lockpick quest… Personally, I’m not always a fan of needing to have a quest to explore areas - like in this case, it wouldn’t have hurt anyone if i had found the lockpick in advance.

    But anyway thank you, thank you, thank you for having patience to explain to me!

  • My guess is you found the well before you had the quest. The problem with not needing to have a quest to find a needed item is people find the item and sell the item. :) Or stash it somewhere and forget about it. I'm glad you got through.

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