max number of items on floor

I’m currently in Fortress of Glass - Towers.

While doing some exploration, i noticed that in certain areas i can drop items on the ground and they get obliterated! Really! They just disappear after dropping them.

And at some point I noticed that my dropped bottle of water transformed into 5 sapphire! And in other instance, bottle of water transformed into 10 full mana potions!

Is there some maximum number of items on ground that the game engine can handle, or what could cause this peculiar item-eating vortex? I’ve not noticed this on other levels, since i’ve only been playing on this level, trying to solve puzzles.


  • The only safe place for an item is on a shelf marked permanent storage. It's just the way the editor is and because he's busy with Quest2, he won't change it.

  • Here is a youtube video where i go to empty area, drop 1 Live Water and immediately it is transformed to be 2 waters!

    I’m not talking about item’s disappearing after several sleeps. I’m talking about them disappearing immediately.

  • You would have to write

    Or ask that question in the Technical issues thread at that forum

    The engine has many graphical glitches.I've never had that happen nor do I know if it happening.

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