HOL2 Save not loading - "Requires "king of torture" which is not installed"

Hi all,

I'm playing The Quest via Steam on my PC. I finished HOL1 and downloaded HOL2 plus all the other worlds. I was playing HOL2 just fine yesterday. I have multiple save games in HOL2. Trying to load one (or continue game) gives me "The save you are trying to load requires "king of torture" which is not installed."

Looking at "Additional Worlds", I see HOL2 is installed, along with everything else (oddly I don't see HOL1, but save games from that load fine).

The whole additional worlds seems kinda flakey on Steam, so I'm wondering if this is a Steam specific issue. Hopefully someone else has seen it though and can help out.




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    It's a Steam specific issue and particularly annoying to me because it means I usually can't play people's save files because they often have free Quest expansions by others downloaded.

    Steam is uniquely quirky in that if you save and want to replay, you have to have whatever downloaded files you had then downloaded.

    You could get rid of that message by redownloading King of Torture but then any other saves you use while King of Torture is downloaded will require King of Torture.

    There is no way around it but the fault is uniquely Steam's.

    It's annoying because if I wanted to play that save file of yours to help you with a problem (hypothetically) and saved, and sent you back the file for you to use, you would have to have all the files I have and some of them are experimental.

    It stinks. I asked Elendil if there was any way around it and he didn't know of any.

    If I were trying to play one of your saves, the only way I could get around it would be to take all my files and put them in another directory and just have whatever files you had in my normal Steam directory. That's how I was able to help some betatesters with problems. We have to test on Steam.

    I guess another solution would be for you to put your save files but that one in another directory and download King of Torture, then when you're finished playing that save, put the other files back and put that save file and King of Torture in another directory in case you want to play it again.

  • Well, that sucks. Especially since I didn't intentionally uninstall King of Torture. It apparently just disappeared on me. Good to know how it works. If I can't get the HOL2 saves going again I might back off to my HOL1 save and just install expansions one at a time.


  • And, I don't see King of Torture in the list of curated worlds in the Steam The Quest collection. :( So not sure how it got installed in the first place.

  • It also appears maybe the "Additional Worlds" option in the Quest is confused if you have more than one page worth of worlds. I click the down arrow and just get the top 4 world names repeated. The whole collections thing in steam is just weird.

    Anyway, I'm guessing I'll back out most of the expansions and restart HOL2 with fewer things subscribed.

  • I think the creator of King of Torture took it down from reading the thread at redshift.hu. In any event, I think your solution is the best one.

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