Bethlusaa’s Lair

Hello - i was able to complete all the quests and say thank you for this another wonderful game!

One question is still open: In screenshots of the forum I see an area above Bethlusaa's Lair that I can't find.

In one of Cat's maps it is framed in light blue, but I can't see it. How do I get there?

Thanks again, Dedl


  • You can't get there. That's just an area used by me to house an npc you talk to in the game. It's not gaming space.

  • OK, I had also seen this area in another post (Bethlusaa's Lair by rpggamerfan) and referred to your sentence

    "In the top part of that pic there are monsters you'd have to kill with a ranged spell or bow and arrow".

    Too bad, I just had a few good arrows left :-)

  • That part in the north is where you first land when you enter Bethlusaa's Lair so you probably already cleaned those monsters out but if you didn't, you can get back there from a teleporter in the far south.

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