Immortal Dragon Blood

One more question.. Thought it best to ask separately so it would be easier to find if someone else encounters this... I have the quest asking for the vial of blood from the Immortal Dragon. Have spoken with him many times both before and after having received the quest but have yet to get a dialouge with him. He does mention his love of flowers, but offers no options after his statement (initiated by clicking "Great Dragon") to provide them or discuss the vial of blood for the quest. Has my game gone glitchy on this one or am I missing something?



  • You need five Snow Blooms and Persuasion of at least 75 and Mind Magic of at least 60 and the quest Dragon Blood.

  • Thank you, Cat! I'd have never worked that out. I was intentionally staying somewhat underpowered so got everything to 72 and stopped. A few skills inevitably got a bit beyond that but persuasion wasn't one of them. It will now lol. Thanks!

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