Dwarf workers in Axe Town Metal Shop

Another great expansion, Cat, and I LOVE that we get a home base at the start VS the end of the expansion.

Regarding the Dwarf Workers in the Metal shop in Axe Town, is there a special weapon or spell we need to use to affect them? I'd assumed it was one of the axes offered in the area but none have worked, so (I believe) I've tried all acquired weapons and spells but none are reducing their health.

I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

As always, thank you!



  • You need a Rubber Axe. It has a chance of showing up in shops of 1 out of 10 so you might have to sleep out. Oto the Armorer or Snubb the Smith should sell it.

  • Ohhhhh the Rubber Axe! Thank you! I knew I needed that somewhere but didn't have it at the time. Then forgot where I needed it. Is there something else requiring the rubber Axe or was this it?

    Feel like a dork as I went buying all of these special axes from the area thinking I'd tried all of my weapons already. Clearly missed one lol. Again, ty!

  • I'm not sure. It never hurts to have a Rubber Axe stashed away.

  • Haha yes. Too true!

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