So I made a stupid mistake in Bethlusaas lair. I’m caught between the teleporter and bethlusaa and no way to get around or damage bethlusaa. Am I basically just sol and need to restart the game?


  • Do you have an earlier save file or can you recall to a mark somewhere?

  • I don’t have an earlier saved file. OCD habit of saving before I come out of the game. I can recall and/or teleport out. But if I go back in, bethlusaa is still in the same spot and won’t move

  • The white/bluish circle is where bethlusaa is every time I go back in

  • Just on a whim, I slept for 21 days and he moved!

  • Ingenuity helps every time!

  • I had to think on it. I knew I couldn’t be the only one that ever did that accidentally and I knew you all would have a way for us to get around it. Kicking myself for taking so long to figure it out lol

  • It was going to be my next suggestion if you had no save file or mark. It often cures a lot of ills. I'm glad you figured it out yourself. You are a true Hero of Lukomorye.

    Now I would mark in some safe spot. :)

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