Can't kill Kozlodoy (HOL1)

I broke into the Temple of Mokosh with a high lockpick/disarm before I got the quest from Solovey. I killed everyone there, but just got the quest from Solovey to kill Kozlodoy. He stays green and the only conversation option I have is "who are you" and he basically says he likes shish kebab foreigners. I can't figure out how to kill him.

Sorta along those lines, does any town sell a cure wounds touch for the heal Nifont quest? I generally sell any * touch scrolls and don't have one in inventory. i've travelled to all the towns i can in HOL and back in the original quest+expansion, rested for almost a week, and still haven't found a cure wounds touch scroll. Enchanting a blank scroll doesn't work.



  • You can't turn hiim aggressive unless you have the Magic Mushroom quest, "For Borovik, Prince of the Leshiys, in Borovik's Tree Hut, bring him the Magic Mushroom of the Leshiys."

    The scroll is sold by normal magic shops but the chance of its appearing in the seller's inventory is 3 in 10, so you probably need to camp out at the shop until it does. Gladspell the Magician should sell it. He's in Dookh Village.

  • Hmmmm. Where is Borovik's Tree Hut?

    I added Gladspell to my 7 stop recall rotation and it still took 14 more days to get a scroll. I must have pretty bad luck :(


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    His tree hut is in the southwest.

  • Sorry, southwest of what?

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    The southwest of the surface map. It's an area called Borovik's Tree Hut.

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