Dracon's Nest

Working on this now. Any desired level? The story doesn't really follow any other.


  • Since it's a dungeon crawl to a great extent, it could start at a lower level and work up.

  • I don't have a level preference. I'll leave that to the other Quest fans.

    I do have a different suggestion on this new expansion. A while back I asked if it was possible to add the ability to sell off skill or attribute points. My thought was just like there are some expansions with NPCs that give you extra points, it might be possible to have one or more NPCs that will take away points for gold. You responded that you would consider this for Dracon's Nest. Just checking if this is something you are still considering, and if it's even possible. Either way, looking forward to its release.

  • Yes, I took a picture if your post and it's on the to do list. Of course you have to be careful you don't wrap around to minus 0.

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    Thinking about this, I think it will be possible to sell off skill points but not sure about attribute points because skill points depend on the level of attribute points and lowering your attribute points without lowering your skill points could cause instability. So just skill points for now like Heavy Weapon, etc.

  • OK. Twisted Wizards' Workshop, Dragonhithe Village in the southwest. : )

  • Thank you. Skill points is fine. I wasn't sure if you could even do that. I appreciate that you are so responsive to fan suggestions.

  • Oh sweet, still making new expansions! Glad to see Zarista is still kickin'!

  • Hi, Ninja, still kickin'. :)

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