Any recommendations for best order to do the expansions?

Hi Cat - I just finished HOL 1 and it was great! Thank you for a fun game. I want to keep playing expansions but I noticed that my character powered up quite a bit playing HOL1. Are there expansions I should play before I do HOL 2-5 (I would like to keep using my character).


  • I found this on the redshift site, I’m going to follow this recommendation unless anyone suggests a better order

    Re: dlc / expansion order

    by Qrak95 » Sun Jan 24, 2021 2:23 pm 

    The Quest expansion order

    Thor Hammer (new character)

    Asteroids (4lvl)

    Islands of ice and fire (14lvl)

    Celtic Rift (15lvl)

    Mithril Horde (21lvl)

    Hero Lukomorye (23lvl)

    Hero Lukomorye II (29lvl)

    Macha Curse (40lvl)

    Celtic Queen (45lvl)

    Hero Lukomorye III (50lvl)

    Caerworn Castle (60lvl)

    Celtic Doom (65lvl)

    Hero of Lukomorye IV (70lvl)

    Basilisk's Eye (75lvl)

    Hero of Lukomorye V (80lvl)

  • One more post I found on this subject:

    Re: Specific order for expansions to be played in?

    by TheMuffinMan » Wed Oct 21, 2015 8:33 am 

    Based upon the recommended level per expansion I would suggest the following 

    -Cursed Chess Set or Celtic Rift (good to start new) 

    -Islands of Ice and Fire (at least level 14) 

    -Elemental Asteroids (at least level 17) 

    -Hero of Lukomorye I (at least level 22)

    -Hero of Lukomorye II (at least level 32)

    -Celtic Queen or Mithril Horde (at least level 35)

    -Mithril Horde II (at least level 35 but should do M.H. I first)

    -Hero of Lukomorye III (at least level 38) 

    -Escape from Asteroids (at least level 40) 

    -Hero of Lukomorye IV or Lost Archipelagos (at least level 45) 

    -Attack from Asteroids (at least level 58)

    -Hero of Lukomorye V (at least level 61)

    -Celtic Doom (at least level 75) 

    But how the expansions go in sets 

    -Celtic Trilogy 

    1. Celtic Rift

    2. Celtic Queen 

    3. Celtic Doom

    -Hero of Lukomorye 

    1. Hero of Lukomorye I

    2. Hero of Lukomorye II

    3. Hero of Lukomorye III

    4. Hero of Lukomorye IV

    5. Hero of Lukomorye V

    -Mithril Horde

    1. Mithril Horde I

    2. Mithril Horde II

    -Asteroids Trilogy

    1. Elemental Asteroids 

    2. Escape from Asteroids 

    3. Attack from Asteroids 

    I could be wrong but I believe the rest of the expansions are stand alone, I hope this helps you guys 

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    Some things to note - depending on your play style, you may want to avoid or target certain expansions.

    Cursed Chess Set and Mithril Horde I provide ludicrously powerful weapons and/or quantities of gold, and can therefore mess with the gradual growth your character's progression.

    Mithril Horde I is advertised as being for characters around lvl 21, but I found that to be an underestimate. I wouldn't do Mithril Horde I until your mid thirties, like The Muffin Man recommended.

    I don't recommend trying to hit all expansions with a single character. You advance too quickly in levels, which would make you progressively overleveled and overpowered for the later expansions.

    Asteroids, Cursed Chess Set, and Thor's Hammer essentially replace the main campaign. You'll come out with equipment and levelling that make the main campaign a cakewalk if you try to do it after doing one of these.

    Celtic Rift essentially replaces Ice & Fire. I believe that The Muffin Man intended to say that Thor's Hammer is good to start new, rather than Celtic Rift.

    Elemental Asteroids and Escape from Asteroids are only available on iOS. I have Android, so I haven't played them. The original Asteroids is available on Android fortunately, and is intended for new characters. I personally loved the original Asteroids and am looking forward to giving it a second go. I don't know if Lost Archipelagos is on iOS, but it's not on Android.

    Mithril Horde II is advertised as being intended for level 75 characters. I don't recall this being inaccurate, so if you try doing it at level 35, you may be in for a surprise.

    Ragnar's Revenge is advertised as being for level 25 characters, and it felt about right. It might be a worthwhile option for what's next after HOLI. Haven't tried them back-to-back, but I can confirm that HOLII will obsolete all of your equipment from HOLI, because HOLI equipment is too weak for HOLII's brutal enemies (so Ragnar's Revenge might fit that in-between niche). The caveat with Ragnar's Revenge is that you may want to start a new character on Thor's Hammer first, just to experience the first half of the storyline (although I don't think it's necessary - it might even be fun to experience Thor's Hammer as a Prequel after having played Ragnar's Revenge).

    If you'd like to proceed with your character, then I'd recommend Ragnar, HOLII, or Mithril Horde I next, all depending on your comfort with the previous caveats - that Ragnar is a sequel, and that HOLII and Mithril I inflate your equipment in a pretty extreme way. Since you haven't played HOLII, I assume that you'd prefer that to Mithril Horde I. I've never tried Horde I after HOLII, so you could give that a try. They seem pretty comparable, challenge-wise based on my current experience.

    Good luck! And have fun.

  • Thank you Frostwraith, this was the advice I was looking for! I’m definitely more into the slow progression and it sounds like I should be open to building at least one more character so I can maximize the fun! My tanky Derth build is a little goofy anyway so it won’t be bad to start a new build when I’m ready to try asteroids, Thor’s Hammer and cursed chess set.

    For now, I think I’ll try HOLII with my level 32 Derth and I have been forewarned that my HOLI stuff will be overmatched.

    Thanks again!

  • No problem jkhcm.

    Final thought - Mithril Horde I might not overpower your character if you start it at a higher level than advertised. I did it right after Cursed Chess Set with a lvl20ish character and came out with a lvl40ish character and a ton of overpowered equipment versus expectations for a lvl 21 expansion. It was also pretty rough for me in the beginning. It's possible that if I came into it with a mid 30s character, I wouldn't have drawn the same conclusions about it. It's about on-par with HOLII in my opinion and should be treated as such. But I haven't used it in place of HOLII, so I don't know if they're direct substitutes.

  • That makes sense, I could do MH1 and power up a bit more before I tackle HOLII. I’m still leaning towards HOLII (and running through all 5 HOLs) with my main character. MH1 will be perfect for when I play through with my next character to take me through the 20’s and 30’s from a leveling standpoint. Thanks again! Also, how pumped are you for The Quest 2!? It sounds like it’s getting closer to becoming a reality.

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    No problem! I suspect that MHI and HOLII might be about on par with difficulty, but give it a go ☺️ I'd be curious about how that approach works. A nice thing (or problem depending on your perspective) with MHI is that the quest lines are very flat - meaning that one quest doesn't automatically channel you into another quest - which means that you can dip in, do some quests, and dip back out without much bother (except for sorting out any antidotes or key items).

    *Sigh* The Quest II. I can't allow myself to get excited until there is a release date announced. It's seemed to me like it's always almost there πŸ˜” but I haven't been checking in recently, so I'll remain optimistic. Cautiously. I hope they make it deep but simple. I like my games with heart and some depth, whether they're cutting edge or basically a slideshow. And it had better be turn-based or I'll have to slap a b*. Turn-based games are the way to go if you're designing for mobile.

  • From what I hear, it should be done this year. : )

  • Hi Frostwraith - I finished HOL2 and it was great! I am planning to do HOL3 next but I have this Horalak potion that I can’t drink or sell. It looks like it is sellable in MH2 for $10M, so I’m considering doing MH 1 and 2 so I can sell it. The only problem is that I’m level 39 and don’t want to start hol3 to powered up…decisions decisions!

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    Sorry I didn't see this update!

    You may have already moved forward with your approach, but MH1 wouldn't hurt after HOL2 and before HOL3 because HOL3 is built for level 50 characters πŸ™‚ you'll probably be just about ready for HOL3 after completing MH1

  • No worries, I tried HOL3 at lvl 39 and felt I was underpowered so I did pivot to MH 1 (found it to be a great game) and I am now leveled up to 51 so will go back to HOL3, I’m looking forward playing it!

  • That sounds like a great path. I hope MH1 did a good job preparing you for HOL3 and that you're having a lot of fun πŸ™‚

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