mapmaker’s guild membership problem


I’ve completed all the quests, but the sphere still remains cold. Either I’ve been so tired when playing that I’ve forgotten that I already have become a member, or there is a glitch. Is there a way to check if I’m already a member?


  • You should receive a Mapmaker's Cloak for gaining guild membership.

    When you talk to Old Shaman, he should say "Welcome Guildmember!'

    My sphere also says that it is cold. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Hi,

    thanks for your answer! It seems I don’t have such a cloak, and Old Shaman greets me with “it’s great to see you, <name>”

  • If you are a member, every member will greet you as such once you have done all the quests for the mapmakers and tapped the sphere. When you have done all the quests for the members and tap the sphere, it will give you the cloak and say, "Because of your prowess, you are now a member of the guild."

    You need to do the quests for:

    Old Shaman, Ghosthunter, Ardenne, Silent Focus, Trogg, Moti, Vaterguy, Chdo, Fershid, Gbol, Honx, Tux, Roland, Liz, Broono, MuldrzSiS, Larry, Duke and Aslmentor.

    Is it possible you didn't turn in one of those quests? Maybe Roland's? He wants the cloak of the Orang Atu and is there in the guild.

    This is the HD version. If you're playing the Classic Version, it's quests for Old Shaman, Ghosthunter, Ardenne, Moti, Vaterguy, Chdo, Gbol, Tux, Roland, Broono, MuldrzSiS, Larry, Duke and Aslmentor.

  • It’s day 476 of my adventures, the time is 3:16 pm. I’ve just teleported from Linmore back to Pontiniakh City and the Mapmaker’s Guild. I decided to take a break from hunting down Olc Mhor and settle my business with the Guild.

    At first I headed straight to see Old Shaman. Entering his room, he greeted me with a “Hello stranger” and looked like he had never met me. How quick has he forgotten that I did his “Lost Prophecy” quest and endangered my life to retrieve the writings for him? I even marked it as Done to my little logbook.

    Disappointed by his behaviour, I headed towards Ghosthunter’s quarters. Maybe he will at least remember me? He was there, in his room, but didn’t want to talk about the quest that I’ve done for him. He just reiterated the rules for joining, telling me again “to join the Mapmaker’s Guild, see Old Shaman first” and so on. I checked my little logbook and confirmed that also Ghosthunter’s “Bethlusaa’s Treasure” was Done.

    Time to find Ardenne. She’s always been so nice, how about this time? Well, at least her greeting was an energetic “Just name it, Hood, and if I can do it I will!” But sadly, even she was not able to remember that I have done her “Puzzle Book” quest. It says so right here in my little book. Even if I showed it to her, she just told me the joining rules again.

    Remembering Silent Focus’s bow, and another bow just 100% similar that I found in a shop, I walked around the corner and entered Silent Focus’s room. I told her about my exploits during the “Steal back the tusk” quest and to my delight she was able to remember the quest and her gift bow! She told me that her bow has true aim, and I agreed. Encouraged by her good memory, I entered Trogg’s abode just across the hall.

    People on this corridor seem to have good memory, I mused to myself as Trogg and me recounted my experiences during the “Nautical charts” quest which was detailed in my logbook. We toasted beers in honour of a quest well done.

    My man Moti had his room on another corridor, so I needed to walk a bit further. I realized it’s already 5:24 pm! How time flies when you’re having fun! Unfortunately my good mood was quickly dampened, as I realized Moti doesn’t recall that I did the “Lost volume” quest for him. Even after showing him the “Done” mark from my logbook, he was only able to try and sell me training or enchanting services. How rude!

    Vaterguy was not much better off. His memory has also been damaged, and not even my logbook marking of “Dr. Aloy” quest was able to jog his memories. Something fishy might be going on at the Guild?

    I started to feel dizzy also myself. By chance I bumped into Chdo on the hallway, and kind of invited myself for a cup of afternoon tea. Still a bit dizzy, I started to look for Chdo’s quest in my logbook but pages after pages I couldn’t find it! I checked Completed, Failed and Active sections but Chdo’s quest was nowhere to be seen! Have I also started to lose my memory? Is the Guild under some dark curse? Hastily thanking for the tea - which I didn't even finish - I rushed out of the room.

    I decided to skim my logbook really quick. Fershid’s quest “Copy a map” was marked as Done. Also Gbol’s “Measure the Wall” and Honx’s “The Scavenger” both Done. Tux’s “Open the Tomb” done, Roland’s “Great Fur Cloak” done. Liz’s “Gather ingredients”, Broono’s “Explore the old temple, MuldrzSiS’s “Celesrial Rock Cave”, Done, Done, Done!

    Then I recalled my earlier discussion with my mysterious supporter: the Catacomber. She told me that I should complete some quest for a fellow named Larry. But the name doesn’t ring a bell at all, even if she said Larry would belong to the Guild. Maybe she remembered wrongly? Or is the Curse starting to affect Catacomber as well?

    I knocked on Duke of GP’s door and tried to talk with him about his “Find the sunken city” quest. I was not able to jog Duke’s memory, so I headed towards Asimentor’s room.

    “Do you remember me? Do you remember the Lost Mines quest that you tasked me to do?” I shouted most impolitely, afraid that over half of the Guild is under some dark curse. And to my disappointment, Asimentor did not remember anything. He just recited the old mantra, “to join the Guild, speak to Old Shaman first” and so on.

    Shaken, and yet intrigued to find this new curse, I once more walked to The Sphere. Looking at my compass, i calculated that the time must be 10:08 pm. Once more I read the instructions on the wall, as if to magically make them come true. And then… I placed my hand on the sphere, perhaps for the last time ever.

    The sphere remains cold.

    I shall return to Linmore and try to forget this Guild, which has been devoured by a memory affecting curse too dark for even me to llift.

    • I seem to be missing Chdo’s quest from my logbook. What’s it named?
    • Who is Larry?
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    That is quite a detailed description.

    Once you've done their quest, most of the guildmembers won't talk to you about it anymore. Just check whether you're a guild member or not and remind you what to do if not. So that doesn't mean you're sunk.

    Chdo's quest is: Find Roland, For Chdo, Mapmakers' Guild, Inner City, Pontiniakh, find Roland who has disappeared while exploring the Heatrani Mountains.

    Larry is Swimmer's real name. My apologies. His quest is: Donations. For Swimmer, Mapmakers' Guild, Inner City, Pontiniakh. convince the Grand Councilor to contribute 1 million gold to the Mapmakers' Guild. The Grand Councilor is in Palace of Yuz. You'll need high Mercantile skills and an item from the Mad Ivan, the Grand Councilor's brother who can be found in the Palace Tower, Palace of Yuz.

    Chdo's quest might be your only problem. I think I see the problem. I'll do an update. Try talking to Chdo again after the update. Talk to him and you should be able to get his quest. Talk to him again and you should be able to solve it because I think you already found him. : )

    Be patient about the update unless you are on Steam. I update Steam. Elendil does the mobiles and he might be a bit busy.

  • I got Swimmer’s quest “Donation” on my logbook, and it’s Done.

    I might have bumped into Roland before ever meeting Chdo. So there is our problem?

    Thanks for the games, and no hurry with the update- I’m keeping myself busy in Linmore

  • Yes. That's the problem. I think. The update should solve it for you and get you your much-deserved Guild membership.

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