Levers in Helheims Mists

Dear Cat

Happy new Year

My wife and I have really been enjoying playing Ragnars Revenge but have become totally stuck on the "turn and turn about and meet in the middle" set of levers & buttons.

We can get the first two levers to go "bing "but all the other levers and button combinations produce a "bong reset" message.

Also having trouble finding the trolls eyes and ice shards in this section.

I am beginning to wonder if old age is leading to a softening of the brain.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • Dear Cat

    Had a brainwave (well a brain ripple really) and figured out the levers.

    Any help with the trolls eyes and ice shards and also the statute who wants a frozen gem would still be appreciated however.


  • Hi, dmb.  The troll’s eyes are in a pile of skulls there in the south.

    Do you mean Frost Gems? I don't see any Ice Shards.  There’s a Frost Gem on the gray pillar in the gorge and on the ground in the Eternal Ice Caves at 12,24. Also on a shelf in Helheim’s Welcome Mat. There's also a Frost Gem on a white pillar in the south of Helheim's Mists. Also if you hit a white statue in the south of Helheim's Mists.

    Do you mean the statue that wants a Frost Gem? As you enter, you see a green gate. Go through that gate.

  • Thank you very much Cat.

  • I must be getting really old. I can get the first two go bing and for the life of me can’t get any further. What am I missing ? I love the game it has made me think a few times and I have gone back to other areas but this one has me stumped.

  • Is it the levers that say Turn and turn about and meet in the middle?

    Start with the lever in the far northwest and then turn around and do the lever in the far southwest, etc. Don't forget that the secret switches count as levers.

  • Thank you, for some reason I never considered the resets as switches also.

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