Helheim's Navel Keys

So... I've spent so long looking for keys. I've got all but two, but I feel like I've looked everywhere already. Any hints?



  • If you tell me which doors you can't open, I can tell you how to find the keys.

  • Thanks Cat!

    It's the one at top dead center and the next one clockwise from it.

  • If I have the correct doors, the key you need to the dead center door is Key Eight and is on the ground beyond the clockwise door there in the Navel. So you need to get the following key first.

    The one to the clockwise door is Key Seven and is lying on the ground in the southwest behind a hole in Secrets. Find the levers puzzle in the middle of Secrets, Find the lever that says "Six". Face north, step one pace east and one north. Keep stepping on the space north until you get a message that a hole appears. Explore that hole. You should have already been there if you have one of the other keys but maybe you missed the secret switch that takes you to a part in the south where the key is on the ground there. That's called Key Seven.

    Here are where they all are:

     Welcome Keys:

    1 on pile of skulls

    2 on well

    3 on blue candle

    4 dropped by dragon Smoke

    5 relief

    6 statue

    7 on ground in Navel

    8 on ground in Secrets

    9 Hel’s bones drops

    10 shelf

  • That's it! I missed the hidden switch in secrets and didn't think to go back there when I was key hunting. Thank you!

  • Missing the. Key to the bottom left door in navel. I’m guessing that the transporter takes me to the lost fields as I only have the dead sailors cap quest left to complete.. Can you tell me where I can locate the key? Thanks.

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    That's Welcome Key Two. It's on a well in Secrets. You have to do the lever puzzle there to remove a wall in the south to get to the well.

  • Hi Cat

    I dont know how I did it but I finished the game with Welcome Key 4 in my inventory. And I'm sure I went everywhere in the game. Maybe a small glitch ?

    Anyway Thanks Cat for this vert good game and waiting impatiently for New!

  • Thanks, TioGil.

    People are always losing things. So there is more than one copy of those keys.

    In fact, they are all hidden somewhere. :)

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    Having trouble locating keys for Mists and Ice Baths I Helhium's Navel.

    Only writing this because I've been combing the map areas and, honestly am just coming up short on ideas as to where to explore.

    Any help would be greatly appreciate.

  • Ice Baths is Key Eight. Mists is Key Seven.

    Key Seven is on the ground there behind the gate you need Key Eight to enter so you need to find Key Eight which is on the ground in Secrets. Find the sign that says "Sometimes stepping thrice is nice" and do that to make a hole in the east appear. Explore that area thoroughly.

  • Happy New Year!

    Thanks Cat! 😃 I had found that hole earlier on in secrets, but had missed the hidden button.

    Also, I've successfully completed Ragnars Revenge!

    I look forward to the next expansion. You all did a great job on this one and as always, all the others.

  • Thank you very much. I am always happy when my efforts to hide secret switches are successful. : )

  • So I think I have whacked everything I can find and still can’t octane the key for the lost fields. I know I am missing something but after two days I surrender, any hints ?


  • The instructions are up above. That's Welcome Key Two. It's on a well in Secrets. You have to do the lever puzzle there to remove a wal in the south. Dud you try that?

  • Also in my game there is no well in secrets, at least none that I have found.


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    It's a well on a wall in the far midsouth. I can see from your map you haven't removed the wall that is blocking you from getting to the well. You have to do the levers and then hit the switch and get a "Bing Twice". Maybe you haven't hit the secret switch? I can see the levers in your map but not the switch. It's right there.

  • Thanks Cat, I had found the secret switch but I was doing all the switches at one time. I really need to read better. Only one question left, when I try to get to the dragon the door says the one with a beard has the key. Is it in Helheim or the real world. I been through everyone of the areas a couple of times but the beard I found was in the shops in area 6. Any pointer would be appreciated.


  • It's a red bearded wall relief in the northeastish of Morthrir's Nest.

  • I would have sworn I had hit every inch there, until I found the place I was supposed to hit. I think my brain is turning to mush. Thanks for the help, it’s always appreciated and these new expansions/versions are awesome

  • I'm glad you got through. Thank you. ^^

  • One quick question for you, in my exuberance to unload things I got rid of my dragon translator book. Does it respawn at some point. Age has provented me from remembering where I sold it at.

    Thank you

  • It will pop up in Liz's inventory if you camp out there long enough. The chances are one in ten.

  • So far I have camped out for over a month game time and still no book. On the bright side I have increased my level 4 times trying to find the book. If you wait long enough you get to kill the same monsters over and over again lol

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    It's sold by anyone who sells normal books and Liz is one. You could try Miriam the Librarian in Lorwick Village as well. It will show up after a long enough cycling. Phredd also sells it but at a higher cost. He's in a hut in the Chevron Mountains.

  • I will give those a try, never had to work so hard for something so simple.i have gained two more levels since my last post.

    Thank you

  • That's a fine avatar by the way.

  • Thank you, that is my 20 lb rag doll floppy cat. I did finally finish Ragnar. I think I was in the mountains at least 4 times and managed to miss phredd every time. Thanks for all your help

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