Hi Cat and community... Just checking in on expansion news

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well.

I absolutely love your expansions, Cat, and frequently check in here and on the play store in hopes of finding a new one has been released. While I believe I've completed all current expansions, I just wanted to ask directly to make certain: Could you please confirm for me which is the most recently released expansion, and which to be looking for next (I believe that should be Ragnar's Revenge, currently pending update, yes?)?

As always, Cat, thank you! Your work is stellar and you and your team have provided us all many hours of incredible gameplay and unmatched support as well. I've not found anything even remotely comparable. Very much hope they do continue, though understand that part of that is beyond your control. Fingers crossed!


  • Thank you so much!

    The last release was Cursed Chess Set.

    Ragnar's Revenge has been done for many months.

    Working on Dracon's Nest.

    We are waiting for Elendil to be able to mobilize Ragnar's. I can't tell you when that will happen sadly. We just have to wait.

    Thank you for your kind words and loyslty.

  • Ragnar's Revenge should be out very soon now.

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    Thank you, Cat! I've just started Ragnar's Revenge and as expected... Incredible. So nice to be back at it. Perhaps an odd detail to be so enamored with, but I've just come across my first teleporters in this expansion and they are stunningly beautiful. Love the deep colors. Thanks as always!

  • You are very welcome!

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