Lost archipelagos

I started playing this expansion and needed some advice, but it seems Redshift may not be monitoring their boards much anymore and was hoping someone here might be able to

 have three quests left and need a little insight.

1) hill emerald, I feel like I have walked all over and so far nothing, any ideas

2) killing Saran, is there a right way to kill him ? I have been nibbling at him for a week now

3) the fire phoenix palace,I have the quest to get there but can’t get through the wall after the third door. It was booting me from the game but now I am stuck trying to get past the wall into the palace.

Any help would be appreciated


  • I'm sorry that I can't help you with this. It's not my expansion but maybe someone else here can. I don't think Redshift could help you with it either as it's not their expansion.

  • Hey it was worth a try, Redshift has a discussion for the expansion but they don’t seem to be monitoring it any more. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I had bought 10 of the expansion and have this one, Hol V and Asteroids 2 left before I go for more.

  • As far as killing that monster---if and only if you slightly misspelled the name of that monster, and read through the posts in the Lost Archipelagos thread at redshift.hu, you might find out that you can kill him eventually. And that patience is it's own reward. : )

  • Ahh, so basically you keep chipping away at him. That makes sense, I thought I had missed something somewhere. Would not be the first time I did that.

    Thank you

  • I think I know why there is not a lot on this game, it crashes a lot lol

  • Well it took three days to kill Satan and got nothing for it, used up a lot of excess arrows though.

  • That was why I said patience is it's own reward. 😁

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