Regarding Crossbow Bolts

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Was just wondering if someone could share with me where to buy the various types of bolts for the Crossbows I have collected.

There are regular bolts, ice, fire, and poison bolts. I have found some of these in the Fire and Ice expansion and the Celtic Doom expansion, but am thinking I'm forgetting an expansion or two.

Right now I keep zooming back and forth from the Fire and Ice expansion and Celtic Doom.


  • Crossbow is my primary weapon, and I purchase all my bolts from Jack Dandiels in Bone Heath, Celtic Doom. He sells them in bulk for 200 per bolt, which is significantly cheaper then any of the other merchants, which only have limited quantities. I marked the spot in front of his shop, so can easily return there any time I run out. My character is level 95, so it doesn't really matter what type of bolt I use. I just use the regular bolts.

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    Bone Heath? Good to know. Thanks for the advice.

    And yes, you're right. I can pick up bolts here cheapness dirt. Thanks so much.

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