New Expansions

This is the road map:

Ragnar's Revenge - waiting to be uploaded

Dracon's Nest - in development, not ready for testing

Water Born - infant stages

Ports of Classic expansions, not necessarily in this order:

Elemental Asteroids

Attack from Asteroids

Cursed Stone

Dragon Jade


  • Cool. Will buy all.

  • Thank you for your loyalty.

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    Thanks Cat! This is awesome news. I look forward to playing these as your teams games are so entertaining. Thank you also for all of your support over the years. 😃

  • Looking forward to new games☺️

  • ill Buy them all, but one question, is there going to be more Expansions then these planned in the future, if not thanks for all your work throughout the years on this game

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    Have not run out of stories yet, so probably. Depends on Quest 2 and if and when there is an editor for it.

    You are most welcome.

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    Yup, thanks Cat. Love your expansion packs.

    I've played a lot of them over the years, although after upgrading to iOS HD, its been one of the Celtic ones, Thors Hammer, and just completed HOL1.

    They're still very entertaining despite Quest being quite an old game now.

    I don't think anyone would mind if you bumped up the price on iOS store, given the presumably low sales and amount of hours enjoyment they provide.

    They're just £2.49 now, but would happily pay £4.99-£9.99 without batting an eyelid

  • I will pass that information on to Redshift. They set the price. I'm glad you enjoy them, Thank you so much.

  • Hi Cat,

    I've finished all of the expansions on Android and have had a fantastic time with them. I'm still able to squeeze more life out of each one by challenging myself in different ways. I've done different builds and evil characters; I'm currently playing directly through the apps rather than linking them to The Quest, and all along the way I've been optimizing my approach to stats, item usage, spells, etc. for maximum fun (usually by limiting myself in various ways to disempower my character).

    In the back of my mind I figured that if I really wanted to, I could buy Attack from Asteroids or Dragon Jade on Steam to keep up on some new adventuring. This evening I tried to do just that and... well, yeah, they're not on Steam. I checked out the Zarista Games website and was hopeful that I could circumvent the whole thing with a direct file download... but it looks like that would only work with a Pocket PC or Palm OS PDA.

    If I wanted to play the other Asteroids expansions or Dragon Jade, etc. are iOS and PPC/Palm the only options? I'm gathering that it might be the case. I'm a little embarrassed to say that the thought of buying a Palm TX like I had 20 years ago crossed my mind as an entry point into those expansions. I wish I knew about The Quest back then. I'm not even sure how people went about finding it back in the day - I feel like I would have noticed it if it was widely available in electronics stores. Maybe I just went to the wrong ones.

    I see that you've listed that classic expansion ports are in progress. Would you mind sharing a ballpark on when they might come through? Year estimates are fine e.g. 1 year, 3 years, indeterminate timing. Because I'm actually considering buying some ancient hardware or an old iPhone and I feel kinda weird about it.

    Thanks for sharing in my reverie.

  • My plan for this year is to finish Dracon's Nest, port Dragon Jade and finish Waterworld.

    Redshuft's plan for this year is to finish the Quest II. So I can't say when the expansions will be uploaded. Elendil has to have the time to do that.

    Then next year, I hope to port Attack from Asteroids and Cursed Stone.

  • Thanks Cat! I'm glad to hear that.

    The Quest II has felt like vaporware for a long time. Is it really on it's way? I feel as if it's been in a perpetual state of almost there, although I'll admit that I haven't checked the Quest II forums in ages.

  • Yes, it is really on its way. : )

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