I am in need of help where can he be?


  • It's one of the first expansions - Phredd wasn't there yet as a character as far as I can remember

  • Phredd is in Dookh Village East.

  • But I can't enter Dookh village.You need a scroll for that but I don't know if I have it whats it's name?Also can you put up a picture on where can I enter Dookh village by tapping on a tree?

  • You need Borovik's scroll which you get from Prince Borovik, Home of Borovik. Will put up a pic as soon as I'm at my computer.

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    I am assuming you need to do the magic mushroom quest.Where can I find that?Pic for that please 🥺

  • You don't need a pic for that. Just kill Kozlodoy in the Temple of Mokosh. He drops it.

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    I killed kozlodoy,went to baba yaga and got a carpet for Dookh village and marked it.But still I need to know the location of the scroll and the tree to enter manuelly.

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    You get the scroll from Prince Borovik. It's called Magic Scroll of the Leshiy. If you have that in your inventory and tap the tree, it will disappear.

    Here is the tree.

  • Oh from there lmao.I thought you need to go to Deep timberland.Thank you as always

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