A black pillar

I don't remember where it is but it's north of port of mercy.I accidently double clicked the screen and didn't save either 😭.So I don't know how to remove the pillar.Can somebody help me😊


  • İt blocks a golden gate

  • You can't do anything with that pillar unless you have the quest Q'at's Missing Books: "For Nycimus, Circus of Flaming Swords, find the three books Q'at wrote that list the quests in HordeII and bring those books to him."

  • Where is the third part of the book.Managed to find 2 parts.I think isham has it😊

  • Nope my prediction was wrong it's near Catacombs entrance in a candle 😊

  • Why the pillar did not disappear.I brought back Cats missing books to Nycimus.Do I need to enter with books in my inventory?

  • İt doesn't work even if you have them in your inventory.

  • Wore Nycimus gladiator armor too.Do I need to complete all quest or something lol.

  • There is a golden statue in most in temple where you enter from the backside.İt says you need like a high feather skill and somehow melt the gold statue.How can I get this done?

  • That pillar is in "Ruins of Mostun". It's just a ruin. You can't move it. The stairway is easy to get to on the other side.

    That dialogue about melting the statue down is just a dialogue. Nothing can happen there. : ) It just goes along with the statue telling you what a greedy person you are.

  • Yeah I am actually a greedy person and fell for it lol.Thank you for the reply 😂

  • Maybe in Dracon's Nest you can melt down a gold statue and sell it. :)

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