Proof I finished HoLIII at level 17

Fershid's quest is the last quest that gives xp. My goal wasn't to stay low level. Here's the result of an almost perfect pacifist run with only 6 monsters killed (you can do with 5). So I'm waiting for a cruise on Thursday after the rain, meaning, that cruise will be postponed forever. Bad joke, but great game :)


  • Nice looks like I am not the only one playing this game in portrait mode 👍

  • Portrait mode ftw.

    Any takeaways from doing a pacifist run? I assume you used a lot of calm and paralyze

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    Yeah obviously but I think in some expansions it's super hard to do that.You have to do routing, experimentation.I think it depends on the expansion.RNG is also a thing if your doing like a no load challenge😀.For example Caerworn Castle.I don't know if you have it but they have alot of monsters at the environment.They can surround you easily.They will punish you very hard.Fox holes were a pain to remember😭.Wormingston Coven(Something like that)has immense amount of monsters.But yeah in short DEPENDS😎👍

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