Poor District

I have noticed a locked gate next to the tavern that I never found a key for. This would be in the southeast area of the poor district buildings.


  • Same. I assume that there's some way to it by the rooftops, but that's just an assumption.

  • There is a keyhole in a wall not far from that tavern that will open that gate if you have the Bandit's Key. If you climb a ladder to where some Bandits are, you'll find it on the ground if you look around.

  • Thanks Cat. I had the right key all along but, completely missed the keyhole.

  • I hope it’s not this ladder that needs to be climbed? My game crashes every time when i try to climb these ladders … btw, if these ladders go to XYZ , then is there any other way to reach that XYZ then?

  • It's not that ladder. The only reason I can think of that you crash on climbing a ladder is that a monster is stepping on the same place you'll land. This doesn't happen to me and it didin't happen to anyone in testing. There is a monster there that could move to the spot where you can land. You could try going back there later. The key you need is not there. There's not much there except the monster.

    The ladder you want is the one on the far left of your map.

  • Thanks! Found the key

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